Effect of Your Personality on your Health

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It’s common observation regarding people who are hostile and very short tempered to end up with diseases like heart troubles and depression. Remember being told in your childhood for good conduct and mannerism? This is all very important as it shapes one’s personality. It’s now a science-backed fact that different kind of personalities has their different types of effects on human health.
Here let’s have a look at different types of personalities and how their holders are more or less vulnerable to certain diseases.


Being optimistic is a great blessing in regard to health. The positive outlook this personality gives aids in dealing better with diseases. Besides being less affected by diseases when affected it can help to have a better quality of life.


Men who think they deserve special treatment and take benefit of others are more prone to heart problems. Because men with this type of personality have a higher level of stress hormone even when not stressed. This is not the case for narcissistic women, however. to manage heart diseases book an appointment with the best cardiologist in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan via marham.pk.


For reasons unknown extroverted people have a stronger immune system, tend to fall ill less and recover soon. So stay around people and make your immunity better.


People with this kind of personality have trouble falling asleep. Because of constant fear and expectation of worst they either tend to end up too careful and live longer. Or this can lead to carelessness regarding health matters. All this concentrates in form of lower quality of life when affected by any disease.


Described as curious, sociable and cooperative people with this kind of personality tend to stay active and involve in brain exercising activities. This helps to keep their memory sharp and keep off dementia.read more about types of personalities and their health-related effects here.


Hostility increases the risk of heart disease. People who are hostile tend to smoke more and exercise less compared to other personality types. They are also likely to be overweight as they age. Hence increases the probability of higher blood pressure and cholesterol.

If you are also short-tempered and lose your calm easily try meditation, yoga and mindfulness exercises. These can help you stay calm. Additionally, healthy behavior patterns, an active lifestyle and good diet go a long way in creating a healthier you for years to come. Also, help your kids to carve a good personality and enjoy the health benefits of positive personality types.

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