Famous Hospitals In Islamabad

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If we look at the healthcare system of Pakistan it consists of two main contributors that are Public sector and the private sector. Healthcare needs of around 70% of the population are attended by the private sector and 30% of masses use the public sector. State Healthcare Services consist of a three-tiered healthcare delivery system where Basic Health Units and Rural Health Centers compose the first layer, the second tier comprises of Tehsil Head Quarters and District Head Quarters, and teaching hospitals constitute the third layer of these services.

Looking at healthcare services in Islamabad we can see quite a bright picture. This is partly because it is the state capital and houses diplomats and important governmental figures. Also, Islamabad serves as the hub for medical tourism in Pakistan. Many foreigners choose this place for their treatment because of better security here. Most of the top-notch hospitals in Islamabad are under the private sector whereas a few are run by the government. Let us have a look at some of the famous hospitals in Islamabad.

List of Top Famous Hospitals in Islamabad:

    • PIMS Hospital (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences)
    • Shifa International Hospital
    • Kulsum International Hospital
    • Maroof International Hospital

PIMS Hospital (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences)

One of the best hospitals in Islamabad with quality healthcare services is PIMS. It is the most well equipped tertiary care center of Pakistan. Some of the country’s renowned medical professionals are serving here making it the best choice for child healthcare, obstetrics, and emergency services. Whenever there is some unfortunate scenario in the vicinity of Islamabad PIMS serves as the trauma center doing its best to take care of affected masses.

Shifa International Hospital

The only choice for exceptionally high-quality healthcare in Islamabad is Shifa International Hospital. Staffed with highly experienced medical professionals and well-trained paramedics this hospital is definitely like a jewel in the crown of the federal capital. Enormous capacity and high-end service are among the prominent features of this setup.

Kulsum International Hospital

Another name for high-quality healthcare in Islamabad is Kulsum International Hospital. Owned by saif Group and located in the heart of the city this hospital is well known for meeting international standards for patient care. Experienced medical professionals are seen providing services here with the help of highly skilled paramedics. It provides services for all medical fields but is the best choice for cardiology and general healthcare.

Maroof International Hospital

The Maroof International Hospital was established in 2009 and since then it is providing services to national and international patients. Equipped with the latest technology and equipment this hospital can handle any kind of medical emergencies any time be it day or night.

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