Feeding your Baby During a Growth Spurt

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Growth spurts are time spans where your baby is growing quickly and obviously enough his nutritional requirements alter. You will observe that during these growth spurts:
  • Your baby feeds for longer.
  • He feeds more often.
  • If he is taking solids he eats more than usual.
  • Seems unsatisfied after usual feeds.
Not every baby shows these signs. Many babies grow well without obvious growth spurts. So, as long as your baby seems healthy and is gaining weight satisfactorily you do not need to worry. However, if feeding patterns of your baby change and last for more than 2 days consult with his pediatrician.

How Should I change Feeding Routine During a Growth Spurt?

If you are breastfeeding feeding on demand, taking rest and eating healthy is all that you need to do. Feeding on demand will adjust your milk supply according to baby’s requirements. As long and frequent feeds might exhaust you, some rest may help. Healthy eating is a primary requirement to provide your baby with what he needs.
If you are bottle feeding just make sure you are making formula according to baby’s weight. Feed when you find him hungry. However, do not be tempted to make stronger feeds or switch hungry baby milk too quickly. Also, take care not to overfeed him.


What else can Change my Baby’s Appetite?

Research shows that babies tend to eat more when:
  • They are about to catch some minor infection or illness like flu.
  • They feel poorly and find your warmth and intimacy comforting.
  • Minor illnesses can reduce his appetite and he may lose weight. When he is fine after these he may feed more to catch up.
  • If he is going through any disturbance or change of routine he may feed more to comfort himself.
Frequent feeds may also mean that your baby is not having enough to eat. If this is the case you will also notice:
  • Fewer than 6 wet nappies a day.
  • Finding him listless.
  • Baby’s skin does not bounce back when you pinch and looks sallow.
In any such scenario book an appointment with your baby’s doctor and communicate your concerns right away.

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