Food Lovers In Lahore Can Take Help From These Digestion-Aiding Foods

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You live in Lahore but don’t like food? How can this even happen? Lahore is known for its culture, food, traditions, and the warm-hearted nature of Lahoris. In fact, now it is casually known as a food hub and food capital of Pakistan. There is a variety of delicious and pure desi food in Lahore and I bet you can’t find any better food lover than in here. But as we all know when there is food, there is a digestive issue as well. So, here are some digestion-aiding foods that can help you (specifically Lahoris) to get your digestive system back in order.


Yogurt has a very high amount of beneficial probiotics and one of the best in digestion-aiding foods. These types of probiotics help to remove harmful fungus and bad bacteria. It also has some beneficial enzymes that help improve the process of digestion, so try to add it to your daily diet.


The tasty and sweet bananas work to maintain harmony among microbes in the bacterial community, known as phyla. This is the reason why bananas always standout among the best prescriptions for an upset stomach. Bananas also reduce inflammation because they contain high levels of potassium and magnesium. So, eat them to restore good digestive health.


Although we Lahoris use it in almost every dish, try to consume 2-3 grams every day. It has many benefits for digestive health but you must have it in moderation. Because if you have more than 3 grams a day, it may cause heartburn.


Eat papaya after having a heavy meal. It will help in easy digestion and a better absorption of nutrients from your food. Also, papaya itself very easy to digest and it dissolves fats instantly.


Salmon is delicious and healthy anti-inflammatory food. You should eat it more often; it helps to regulate your digestive health.

Bone Broth:

Bone broth is simple and easy-to-make. It is also very effective to reduce inflammation, to improve digestion, and to protect against infection.

So, take notes from here Lahoris. Next time when you feel bloated and constipated, just take any of these food items. It will help you to maintain optimal digestive health and to avoid several diseases.

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