Here Are The Reasons Why You’re Overeating And How You Can Curb it!

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We are nurtured with food from the moment we are born. LAter it continues as food becomes a way to show admiration, food as a prize and at times as punishment as well. So having an emotional connection with food is not your mistake. Food is everywhere and you just cannot escape it. All of it is good as long as you have control over yourself. But there are plenty of moments where you can fall of the delicate balance of eating and compulsive overeating.

Overeating once in a while is permittable but as this develops into a habit it can be dangerous. The reasons why anybody overeats are as varied as people affected. It can be due to a surge of negative emotions. A lot of people have a habit of eating when sad, upset or lonely. It can also be sue to a clinical disorder called binge eating disorder (BED).

Overeating due to psychological reasons needs prompt attention. You can book an online appointment with the best psychologist.

How To Control It?

Like any disease or condition that disrupts normal balance overeating also can be controlled and stopped.  Here are the steps you need to take to overcome this.

Get Proper Help:

In any disease, the worst thing is keeping it to yourself. Overeating due to psychological problems needs help. Working with a counsellor will help you to know the cause and triggers that can be avoided.


Stop Labelling Yourself And Food:

If you will label yourself as an overeater you are more prone to fulfil that prophecy. Similarly, you should avoid the mindset of good and bad foods. If you label a food as bad and then eat it. You are prone to overeat it a psychologist says.

Think Before You Eat:

Whenever you feel like eating you should pause. Think and ask yourself if you need it or not. Make conscious efforts to practice this every time you have an urge to eat.

Tweak Your Surroundings:

Always sitting in that armchair when you eat and watch tv? Change is the magic you can do to stop eating. little changes in your environment can be helpful. Stop eating in that same place. Move that chair from the Tv room or simply sit outside when you eat.

a habit is often a repeated behaviour due to monotonous events and surroundings. So change is the key you have. Use it.

Craving? Go For It

If you have a craving it is ok to allow yourself to eat a small portion. Too many restrictions and holding back have negative feedback. it all ends up into a burst of overeating.


Go easy, give yourself breaks and attend your consultation sessions regularly. You have got it and it is going to be fine soon.

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