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We live in a world of technology. Our everyday life has become so busy nowadays that we all are more or less depended on technologies around us. Be it a mobile phone, dishwasher, coffee maker or any other technological item. In this hassle of life, what do we tend to ignore the most? Our health. We keep ourselves busy with work and other routine but we never notice how much our affects our health. Though it is very difficult for us to take time out of this busy routine and get ourselves checked but as much as we ignore it, the situations start to get worse and then we realize it is too late to get treated now. Before heading towards that situation, start thinking about yourself. Here’s what Marham has got for you.

What Is Online Consultation?

For the people out there who are busy, who are working and living in remote areas, or the ones who are only lazy 😀 online consultation is the right thing for you. Online consultation is when you are not able to visit the doctor in person, you can talk to him through video call on your phone. Online consultation enables you to reach out to any of your favourite doctors while sitting back at your home or your office as well. This service is helpful in many ways. It is convenient for working parents to get your child’s health checked on time. Furthermore, for the people living in hostels and also for the ones who live in underdeveloped cities. Online consultation saves you a lot of time and also your travelling cost. Just start looking for your favourite doctor and let us take over the rest of the responsibility.

How To Book An Online Consultation?

Booking an online consultation with Marham is just a matter of a few clicks.
Here are the tips you need to follow to book an online consultation with the doctor of your choice:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the button which says ‘Online’
  3. Tap on ‘Consult Doctor Online’
  4. Choose a speciality of the doctor which you want to consult
  5. Tap on ‘Book Online Consultation’
  6. Enter all your details
  7. Choose the payment method
  8. Wait for a confirmation message
  9. Transfer your payment through online transfer platform
  10. Talk to your favourite doctor through video consultation

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Exactly, it is that easy as it sounds.
Marham offers you much more than just online consultations. You can book a surgery through Marham, all the relevant details and estimated costs are provided with all you have to do it to look for a doctor of your choice and book a surgery. Moreover, Marham offers you the facility to ask any question to the doctors free of cost through the facebook group as well as our forum. Start exploring and let your friends know about it too.

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