How To Regrow Teeth In Adults?

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A smile is beautiful and perfectly shaped teeth make it even beautiful. It is awful to lose your teeth in some accident or your high sugar intake dematerialize the teeth or aging took away this natural blessing. Whatever the reason is, living without teeth or with damaged teeth is really distressing. If you are facing some dental problems immediately consult a dentist before losing teeth. Marham can help you to get a consultation by dental professionals in Lahore and Best Dentists In Karachi. But if you have lost one or more teeth there is still some hope present. Just take a look at the following words.

Teeth Re-growth in Adults:

Nature blessed you with natural teeth two times in your lifespan. And if you lost them due to carelessness or aging nature will not help you again. The little damage can be cured by home remedies or medical treatment but regaining the whole teeth, without an implant is not possible, according to general thought. But it is possible. Yes, buddy, it is.

Teeth Issues in Teens

Home Remedies For Teeth Growth:

Many people believe in home remedies that they always seek help from these remedies before visiting the doctor. For teeth re-growth in your adult years, people say, you can use eggshell or comfrey roots. But the success rates are really not impressive.

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Why Home Remedies not Work?

You are amazed that why only this problem has no solution in home remedies because inside your mouth there are no tissues on gums which can grow into teeth. So no remedy can give birth to them. But science has a solution for it.

Artificial Teeth Re-growth:

Now scientists introduced an artificial way of teeth re-growth. They only implant some special cells or tissues in the mouth which have a natural tendency to grow into perfectly shaped teeth and use non-ionizing rays to stimulate growth. After implanting those cells named stem cells, the tooth grows within two months. And the process is less invasive than traditional teeth implant technique. It is not a myth guys. It is really happening in the world. In Pakistan, it is not much established now, as only little-damaged teeth are re-growing, but hopefully, full teeth re-growth will be possible in coming years.

  • Prevention is always better than cure, so be cautious about sugar intake and teeth flossing to protect this natural blessing.

Best Treatment For Root Canal, Tooth Decay, Dental Implants & Smile Makeover:

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