Is the Male Infertility Crisis for Real?

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Everyday you will hear stories of couples breaking up due to not having children and worse due to having consecutive female babies. In our society, it is common to put all blame on females and victimize them. I personally came across such scenarios in my circle where a friend of mine suffered from these issues. Taking it to heart I searched why it all happens in the first place. To my amusement, it came out that male partners are equally responsible for infertility and more influential than women when it comes to the gender of the baby.

To date, many people are misled to consider infertility a “female issue” contrary to which in 20% of infertility cases the sole cause is male infertility. It is equally important for men to get examined and tested for these problems as it is for women. Getting to the root cause behind infertility earlier can save a lot of stress and expense on account of the couple. Many times people put-off these tests just to avoid embarrassment and social pressures. Today many online health clinics and counseling options are available to address these issues and help you from the comfort of your home.

Is the Male Infertility Crisis for Real

Getting Tested for Male Infertility Issues:

The doctor you should book an appointment at first would be a urologist. He can order and conduct certain physical exams and tests like semen analysis to get to the underlying problem. If two consecutive semen analysis reports are normal it means there are no significant infertility issues in the person. A semen analysis can detect problems like:

  • Azoospermia: Means sperms are not being produced in semen.
  • Oligospermia: Too fewer sperms are being produced.
  • Issues regarding the mobility of sperms.
  • Problems with sperm morphology that can cause infertility.

While these issues can be the reason behind infertility these themselves can be caused by other health problems. To investigate the culprit behind these abnormalities your doctor may suggest blood and urine tests.

Is the Male Infertility Crisis for Real

Treatment Options for Male Infertility:

If you are struggling with male infertility consult an andrologist and get help right away. Many strategies can help and improve your chances of conceiving including behavioral alterations. If hormonal disturbances are the cause behind infertility your doctor will prescribe you hormonal therapies.

Use of multivitamins including folic acid and zinc can help to improve low sperm count. You can go for online consultation regarding male infertility and sexual health via Marham clinic.

Male infertility is treatable and many options are available regarding this. It’s just the matter of exploring possibilities and getting to the right professional before the worsening of the situation. Suffering in silence can render more harm than good.

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