Low Sugar Fruits or High Sugar Fruits? Choice Is Yours

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Some fruits are highly energetic for the body but they contain a high level of sugar as well. These fruits are not healthy for people who are obese, diabetic or have any other chronic diseases. But still, these people need the same nutrition for their body.

To fulfill this need there are also some fruits that have low sugar fruits and good for health. Here is the account of all these healthy fruits that one can consume without fear. For other best advice, you can also consult with the best nutritionist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan from Marham.pk.


One of my favorite fruits. It is a very good source of fiber and vitamins. You can even use it daily and enjoy it in different salads.


Kiwis are top of the list for less sugar fruit and high nutrients. It is also full of vitamin D which is good for skin, bones and weight loss diet plan.


Don’t go for their looks. They may look full of sugar but they are really not. They are also good for the summer season as they contain water and help to stay hydrated.


Orange are good for skin, bones, hair, and blood. It is full of vitamin D and calcium. Our bones highly need these two nutrients to remain healthy for long.


It also one of the best low sugar fruit and contain 13-gram sugar in medium-sized fruit. It is good to eliminate the sugar cravings. Obviously serving size does matter a lot. If you are overtaking these fruits then they are not a healthy option at all.

Here are some fruits that contain high sugar and not at all good option.


It is on the top of the list because 1 mango contains 14% of sugar and 99 calories. Although mango is one of the most delicious fruit overuse can be bad.


Grapes contain up to 16% sugar and 62 calories. Consuming grapes on daily basis can lead you to high sugar level and many other complications.


It contains up to 9% sugar and 112 calories. Although guava has many health benefits overconsumption is bad because it can cause obesity as well.

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