Miracles of Light Therapy and 4 Tips to Get Best out of it

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Ever wondered if light can be used as a therapy? Yes, it can be!

Light therapy or photo therapy is classically named as heliotherapy. Since years it is a trusted method of treatment based on exposure of specific wavelength light, like polychromatic polarized light, lasers, light emitting diodes or fluorescent lamps, for a prescribed amount of time. It is really wonder technique and works best to cure the vast variety of ailment like:

Skin Conditions:

From acne scars to skin cancer various skin conditions can be vanished by exposing the skin to specific light. The exposures can be too small area of skin or over the whole body surface and don’t worry, it is quite safe and work even for those patients for whom all traditional methods were found to be useless.

light therapy for skin

Dermatitis, Vitiligo, Acne Vulgaris, Psoriasis and Skin Cancer can be treated by light radiations. To treat other types of cancer you can find the best oncologist in Karachi and Islamabad via Marham.pk and start a new life free from cancer.

Mental Problems:

Depression, dementia and sleep disorders, when exist and afflict even after applying all traditional methods of treatment, can be treated with the beneficial controlled rays of light. Even epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease is also on the list, but it is still in early steps but soon it will be in field. You can find the best neurologist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan and win the fight against mental disorders.
who can benefit from light therapy?

Getting the Most out of Light Therapy:

People mostly complain one thing about this therapy, that it is not as much effective as narrated. Researchers and medical professionals are not liars, dear. Maybe people are not taking the benefits in the required pattern. Follow these things to enhance the effectiveness of light therapy.

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Get Right One:

Proper brightness, right kind of light, style, features and safety of the light box are the key points to make the light therapy as effective as wanted. It is not adjusted according to requirement then do not blame the technique.

Be Consistent:

You came once and took months gap for second visit? It looses the effectiveness of rays. Stick to a prescribed routine of light therapy sessions to help ensure that you maintain improvements over time.
what can light therapy do?

Track Timing:

If you interrupt light therapy due to your work schedule or stop too soon when you’re improving, your symptoms could return. Keep track and monitor when to start and end your light therapy.

Include Other Treatment:

If your symptoms don’t improve enough with light therapy, you may need additional treatment. Your physician can guide yo best about it. Marham.pk can help you find the best general physician in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan.Talk to your doctor about other treatment options. It is not a disappointing situation, it is just the part of treatment.

Rays of light, when controlled and in a specific way are not less than a blessing for several chronically ill patients. You only have to consult best professional to get the benefit.

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