Sunday: Islamabad Hits Highest COVID19 Cases In A Month

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Islamabad, September 27: The capital city of Pakistan reported the highest COVID19 cases this Sunday. The number of reported cases is twice as the cases reported in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the same day.

According to the reports, there are five doctors at PIMS hospital who have contracted the disease. It happened as a result of reopening the outpatient departments on Aug 20. Consequently, the hospital decided to delay the regular functioning and the opening of their private wards.

As per the data that has been provided by the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS), the total number of cases reported in Islamabad was 74 on Sunday. Before these 74 cases, the highest number of cases that were reported this month was 46 on Sept 18.

Previously, when COVID19 was on the highest peak in Pakistan, Islamabad reported approximately 700 per day, In July.
Luckily, despite expectations of a sharp increase in new Covid-19 cases, the test-positivity ratio remains below 1%.


According to the reports of the Joint Executive Director PIMS, Dr. Minhajus Siraj, five doctors that have been practicing in PIMS have been diagnosed with COVID19. Dr. Minhaj mentions that there are other 9 patients that are also admitted to the hospital.

Dr. Minhaj says that they have already delayed their decision to open the functioning of private wards on September 25 as they have started experiencing the increase in COVID19 cases.


Rawalpindi, on Sunday, reported the death of a COVID19 patient and also that 10 more people have tested positive for the disease. On the other hand, 16 have recovered too.

According to the stats, 6,972 tested positive for COVID19 in the district of Rawalpindi. 287 amongst them have died and almost 6540 have successfully recovered.

In the present day, 427 people are awaiting their COVID19 test results for two weeks. Rawalpindi reports that currently, 12 COVID19 patients are admitted to the Rawalpindi Institute of Urology. Almost 133 have decided to isolate themselves at their own homes and most of them have gotten their tests done from private labs.

The disease hasn’t left us alone, we’re just lucky that we are not as badly hit as other countries around us and we should not be ignorant towards it. Be careful, maintain social distancing, wear masks, and use sanitizers as much as you can. To talk to a doctor through Video/Audio consultation, visit

Stay Home Stay Safe!

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