These Are The Reason For Viral “Mardana Kamzoori”( Men Infertility) Advertisement

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Running after all the “Mardana Kamzoori” advertisement is not new in our society. It was quite hidden and rare previously. But as the time span started changes so is the trends, eating habits and activities. Men infertility is not rare anymore. We just do not want to talk about it because it can hurt “Ego”.

In our society men are born with superficial powers and they cannot even get sick. Putting blame in our ancestors for this weird kind of brought up can be the reason but let’s just forget it and move on to the present issue.

It’s time to put light on the causes of male infertility before those wall advertisement got viral for no reason. Only some best urologist can help males in their weaknesses which they probably do not want to share it with anyone but firstly know the reason why infertility is happening and what we need to change in our society.


We all are very well aware of the fact that men are the actual backbone of our economic progress. They are working hard for their families and not complaining even once. Brothers, fathers, and husbands are actually silently supporting us for every need. In this hard work obesity is the big trouble they are facing frequently. Yes! Obesity is the cause of infertility and can ruin the health silently. Lose that fat tummy if men really want to live a happy yet healthy life. To enhance your knowledge let me remind you that all men can consult with the urologist all over Pakistan to discuss their issues with just a click.


Men need nicotine intake to focus on their goals. Thus, smoking is getting common but smoking is not only creating men infertility but many other hazards as well. Luckily, you can quit smoking by other sources of maintaining focus.

No stress.

Stress is your enemy. It can ruin your relationships with every close person. It acts like a circle and converts from you to another person as well. You can be the stimuli of stress. Do you really want to be a stimulus of stress? Think about it and get rid of stress for your better life. Only you can help yourself.

Testicle issues.

These issues occur from birth. Undescended testicles, overheating of testicles, and unhealthy sexual activities can also be the cause of infertility. This issue needs serious attention. You must visit good urologist in Karachi of any other city of Pakistan to get the best opinion and get rid of all Mardana Kamzoori frauds.

Men lead a healthy family. They need more care than women and we have just ignored this fact.

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