This Is How You Can Get Rid Of Pad Rashes

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Walking around in jeans or trousers. Periods are all about mood swings and uncomfortableness. “How can you get comfy with all the gross liquidly feel and wet greasy pad”. A week of periods is as annoying as getting stuck in traffic for an hour. The situation can get worse if you got rashes in this time lapse.

These rashes are common. BURN and BLEED would be a more appropriate word for this situation. Sometimes these rashes last long and ruin the whole month. I know you don’t want to ruin all the plan and meeting for a whole month at least because this circle is a pain in nerves every month.

Hold on! Do not get panic and read out that How you can treat these pad rashes and with some simple steps.
But hey! If it is frequently happening then do not wait to visit the best gynecologist in Islamabad or any other big city in Pakistan for immediate assistance. For now, just keep reading so that you can treat the present situation.

Cotton Cloths:

For some time quit all the tampons and pads. Use some really easy pads made up of cotton. I know it is difficult to handle cotton pad for all day. Sanitary pads are more like something is dancing in your undergarment but you have to compromise for a circle if you really want to get rid of rashes.

No Longer Than 8 Hours:

It is a big stupidity to use pads for more than 8 hours. Even you should use a pad below this time. Change it after 4 hours if possible. I can understand that you are a working woman or a student so you are unable to follow this rule but you can try if often.

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Chemical Free Products:

Using a chemical product in this condition will only increase the burn. Only use soothing lotion and do not forget to consult with your gynecologist for the best product and recommendation for good pads. She can understand you need and will get you out of this disturbing situation.

Wash away The Dirt:

You can take a shower during periods. Do not listen to the oldie goldie aunties.
Wash out all the dirt and unhygienic material. If you do not feel like taking a shower then only just wash properly the rash area.


Do not tolerate the severe conditions and take online consultation from gynecologist if needed. These issues are sensitive so they need extra care.

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