Tips and Tricks to Tackle Motion Sickness

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Feeling of slight unease, seating, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting during travel not only ruin your trip but also spoil others too. If you go through such a hard-traveling due to your or sibling’s motion sickness then through you can find the best family physician in KarachiIslamabad and other main cities of Pakistan to solve out your problem. Here we are writing some general tips to combat motion sickness.
motion sickness

General Tips:

Some general helpful tips are here to ease your discomfort during traveling:

  • Try to calm yourself. Find something in your surroundings to focus on or count backward from 100.
  • Take deep breaths and keep inhaling and exhaling.
  • Look at a stable object or stare at the horizon. And tell yourself that you are also still.
  • Eat lightly before travel and avoid taking dairy products before going.
  • Spicy and fat-rich foods should be avoided before travel.
  • Avoid strong food odors or any kind of aromas to calm nausea.
  • Try to sit in front seats beside the window and keep the window open to breathe fresh air.
  • Avoid reading especially at the start of the journey.

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Natural Remedies:

These tried and proven remedies can help your nausea and vomiting to make your trip pleasant.

Raw Ginger:
motion sickness

This ancient root calms your nausea and prevents vomiting. Keep this in your handbag, suck it or chew it for good results. But excess use can cause blood thinning and heart problems. To consult the best cardiologist in Lahore for your cardiac problems visit


Fresh and soothing peppermint will calm your motion sickness even with its aroma. Peppermint tea before going on the road or sucking its leaves can be beneficial.
motion sickness


Many drugs are available in pharmacies to overcome motion sicknesses but these all have strong side effects like drowsiness and dry mouth. So consult your doctor in this regard.

Stop living with motion sickness by considering it harmless for life. kick out this unpleasant condition to feel the fun of traveling.

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