To Our Frontline Workers, You’re Our Superheroes!

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Coronavirus has got us scared to our guts. All we are thinking about nowadays is how to keep ourselves safe and when will we finally be able to hear about the treatment. Amidst all our chaos, we forget to appreciate those who have been working and preparing themselves even before we heard about coronavirus.

The unsung heroes go about discharging their duties daily and no one has time to recognise the contribution they make to the well-functioning society – but NOW is the time to realise and appreciate the work our front-line workers do to keep us safe and healthy. Always going above and beyond the expectations, putting their lives at risk for us, leaving their families behind, they make themselves available for us. It’s never too late to say THANK YOU we truly appreciate the work you do!

Words will never be sufficient to thank you enough for leaving all your worries, illnesses and feelings behind to keep us safe. Working on your tiptoes to keep us healthy. You are the true definition of what superheroes look like. Thank you for all your tireless work and continuous duties you perform without giving a second thought about leaving your rest behind.

We know that,
You have families too
You have feelings too
Thinking about this situation worries you too
You fall into depression as well
Seeing people struggling and dying breaks your hearts too
You forget about eating, resting and taking care of yourselves
Yet you never complain, break apart or shed a tear just so the patients don’t lose their hopes.

It is very difficult to be YOU! As many of us do not hold the courage to be what you are.
If we have been ungrateful and have not acknowledged your efforts, it is now time that we realise that you are the backbone of the nation.

To all our frontliners, our soldiers, paramedic staff, doctors and also whoever is serving us through their services out there in this crucial time, Team Marham salutes you!

To play our part in supporting you, we are trying our best to provide healthcare to the doorsteps so people can stay at home. The more people opt for online consultations, the more we can stay safe. Try not to leave your houses and participate in making duties easier for our front line workers.

Stay Home Stay Safe!

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Javeria Adil Chughtai

Javeria Adil Chughtai

A journalist and a medical researcher by profession, badminton player and photographer by passion. You can call me an artist but No, I can't draw you! 😀

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