Top 5 Disadvantages Of Drinking Ice-Cold Water

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Icy Water Is A Nightmare Disguised As Heavenly Rain For Your Body.

On a blazing day, you’ll ALWAYS take that one semi-frozen water bottle in the freezer. Or that one bottle you put in the freezer at night just for yourself. Or just looking around in the freezer and drinking directly from a semi-frozen ice tray. Or just stick to crunching ice.

Despite the fact that icy water feels like the best soother, it’s only the feeling you get. In reality, ice-cold water is harmful for your heart, bones, and digestion. It messes up your blood flow and also causes obesity.

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After knowing these five facts about icy water, you’ll think twice while drinking it.

1. It Makes Fat Breakdown Difficult

Cold water lowers the temperature of your body. Low temperature causes the fat to harden and congeal. It becomes difficult for your body to break down fat. Hence, the fat accumulates over time causing obesity.

2. Slows Down Heart Rate

When you drink cold water, your heart rate decreases. This is because sudden ingestion of cold water affects the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve runs down the back of your neck. It is a part of your autonomous nervous system – a system that controls involuntary actions of your body. Your heart rate becomes normal when your body adjusts its temperature. To consult the best gastroenterologist in Islamabad visit

Icy cold water
Disadvantages of Icy cold water

3. Steals Your Body’s Energy

Your body retains a temperature of 37 degree Celsius. When you drink ice-Cold water, the temperature drops. Your body will use its energy to increase the temperature to 37 degree Celsius. This depletes your energy storage. It also affects other important processes of your body that need energy.

4. Causes Constipation

Cold water “freezes” things. When you drink ice-cold water, the food in your stomach hardens and solidifies. This makes it very difficult to pass through the intestines. Also, icy water causes the intestines to contract, thus making the passage narrower. Your body has to force the waste out so constipation isn’t something that you’ll want to experience.

5. Messes Up Your Digestion

Your stomach is like an elastic bag. It retains its perfect elasticity at standard temperature of 37 degree Celsius. When you drink ice-cold water, your temperature drops causing the stomach to shrink. It becomes difficult to digest food properly. Undigested food causes bowel pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Icy cold water

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Your body works endlessly to maintain itself. So try not to mess up its balance as much as possible. COOL water is good, drink it. While COLD water is an entirely different issue. Avoid it.

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