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Hello sir, I had a heart attack in Aug 2018 and in PIC they have handled it with medicines, then i have consulted Dr. Zubair in Gulab devi and they have done angiography and inform me blockage of veins, they proposed 1 Stent and done the same on 2nd day in Sep 2019. after 3 to 4 months it was quite after angioplasty but since last two months when ever i eat some spicy or fired food, it effects me badly after some times and it seems very high pain on my heart side, after some times when i passed gas then pressure release and calm down gradually. Can you pls suggest me some good option. BTW my Lipid, CBC and other relevant reports seems normal. Currently i am taking Plavix 75 Mg, Lodopen 5 Mg, Isotrate 20 Mg, Disprin, Advant 8 mg, Merol, Vaptor, on daily basis. Right now having problem also when i continuously try to walk in normal.


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If you are still having symptoms, especially on walking, get yourself evaluated by a cardiologist as early as possible.


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just as i had suspected for which i wanted to inquire about your reports in the first place. you had disease in more than 1 vessel but only 1 of the vessels was stented. it is possible that you are having angina caused by one of the other vessels . you need to be evaluated by a cardiologist .


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respected sirs, thnx for your suggestion. As now a days i am out of country i can only consult my cardiologist in mid July upon my return. In my previous question session, a respected doctor suggest too use Nexium 40. Which i found here in UK on counter without prescription, but before using it i need to ask if it has some side effects with my current medicines, prescription already attached here in this question. Thnx in advance for your guidance in this regard


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aoa. i saw ur reports. if u are still having symptoms with activity, they may be related to your residual coronary disease. you should consult a cardiologist

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