Heart Failure

Hello everyone. My question is about a patient who has gone through a severe heart attack a couple of days back and he is waiting for the operation now. What kind of food is allowed for him out of these followings: 1. Milk & Yogurt 2. Bread & Jam 3. Fish & chicken 4. Fruits (which ones) 5. Rice or Bread



Though I am not a doctor but i am posting on the behalf of Dr. Yasir Dastgir. (https://www.facebook.com/yasir.dastgir?fref=ufi)

Two days after heart attack, patient beeds to take semi solid food to avoid hard chewing. Small meals with low salt and low fat. Fruits are not very useful but soft fruits may be taken if pt is not diabetic. Full meal should be avoided. Rice ,bread or roti all can be taken in small amounts...if pt has breathing difficulty or echo shows low pump function then liquids should be restricted.


He can take skimmed milk yogurt. ..bread ... fish chicken ....fruit unless he is diabetic then limited option in fruits ...low salt and fat intake