I am suffering with high blood pressure and taking Valtan plus and Loprin 75mg as per prescribed by my doctor. But now a days my blood pressure still kept high even after taking medicine. Some times I feel numbness in my left arm. Please suggest some advise. Thanks

Dr. Muhammad Zarrar Arif Butt - Cardiologist

MBBS, FCPS (Cardiology) | Lahore

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The first thing to do is make a chart of your blood pressure so we can see exactly how high your BP goes. You should get your BP checked twice daily and make chart for 7 days and share it with us.
Don't stop medication.
Strict control of diet , specially stay away from salt and oily diet.
Follow up with BP readings at clinic.
You also need to get some blood test and an eye examination


Dr Zarrar Arif butt has given you good advice.
Controlling blood pressure needs many adjustments of doses of medicines or addition of new medicines. So regular advice by your physician is necessary.
You must also take light exercise and walk is a very good light exercise. Take at least one km walk daily

Dr. M Saeed Shekhani - Internal Medicine

MBBS,FCPS | Karachi

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First keep in mind that all cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, endocrine diseases, dyslipidaemias etc are progressive diseases, which means that the initial values will change progressively towards higher side even with treatment. Therefore, a monitoring of both the values and the treatment (drugs) is necessary to have a good control of these diseases. and for this you have to be under a physician care for the rest of life. Repeated visit to physician will help in monitoring the disease progress. Physician will advise about diet, exercise, drugs, charting of BP, weight etc.
Consult a good physician who has an insight in all these matters.

Dr. Amanullah - Cardiologist


Please get an urgent ECG with fasting lipid profile and consult a cardiologist. It's time to increase medicine & improve lifestyle.

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