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Asking For Self, Female 18, pakistan

muja foot hova logon sa dar lgta ha . jb akli hon to asa lgta jasa foot hova logon n.a. Mary samna ajana . asa possible ni hai but phir b dar lgta

Psychologist in Lahore - Fidak Zahra

Fidak Zahra - Psychologist

BS (Applied Psychology) | Lahore


18 Positive Reviews

counseling krawayn ye phobias hoty hyn Jo k proper therapy sy jaty hyn.I have experience in this field. muj sy rabta kryn or appointment book kr lyn.thanks

Psychologist in Gujranwala - Aishah Siddiqa

Aishah Siddiqa - Psychologist

MSc (Clinical Psychology), ADCP (Clinical Psychology) | Gujranwala


2 Positive Reviews

book your appointment

Psychologist in Peshawar - Psy. Kashmala

Psy. Kashmala - Psychologist

BS Hons Clinical Psychology | Peshawar


3 Positive Reviews

U can Book Ur Session with Me

Psychologist in Rawalpindi - Ms. Madiha Hasnain

Ms. Madiha Hasnain - Psychologist

Msc Applied Psychology | Rawalpindi


19 Positive Reviews

book your session

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ms. Zainab Ahmed Khan

Ms. Zainab Ahmed Khan - Psychologist

Masters in Clinical Psychology, MPhil Psychology, Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP), Certified Master Hypnotist, Life Coach (American Board of Hypnotherapy) | Islamabad


98 Positive Reviews

Dear, this is a kind of anxiety you're having. Proper session book karein ta k apki madad ki ja sakkay. Counseling se is me behtari layi ja sakti hai.

Psychologist in Swat - Sayed Asim Shah

Sayed Asim Shah - Psychologist

MSc Psychology, Medical Diploma In Alternative Medicine, Member British Council for Complementary Therapies | Swat


3 Positive Reviews

it's phobia

Psychologist in Karachi - Saman Imtiaz

Saman Imtiaz - Psychologist

MSc Psychology | Karachi


15 Positive Reviews

ap online session k liye mery sth appointment book krwa skti hain

Psychologist in Lahore - Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan - Psychologist

| BS (Psychology) | MS (Clinical Psychology) | | Lahore

mera khayal hai is phobia per qaboo karnay ke liye ap kuch time zindagi se nikalen aur kuch der ke liye Masnooi tour per Mar ke dekhen.
agar khuuf qaim rehta hai to mazeed session book karwa len . agar naheen rehta . to life enjoy karen. itni chouti si Dunya men ap itna Dar ke karen gi bhi Kia? :)

Psychologist in Lahore - Haleema Bibi

Haleema Bibi - Psychologist

| MS (Clinical Psychology) | MSc (Psychology) | Dip (Hypnotherapy) | Course (Counseling Psychology) | Course (Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy) | Course ( Speech Therapy) | Course ( NLP) | | Lahore


43 Positive Reviews

ye fear he or kesi ko b ho skta he kesi b waja say but the thing is this k karna kya he take deep breaths daily and district thinking and must consult with psychologist if u agree than take appointment though marham

Psychologist in Narowal - Ms. Iqra Akram

Ms. Iqra Akram - Psychologist

MS (Clinical Psychology) | Narowal


12 Positive Reviews

showing symptoms of phobia, book your appointment

Psychologist in Karachi - Syed Khursheed Javaid

Syed Khursheed Javaid - Psychologist

M.Sc (Psychology) UK, C.A.S.A.C (Credential Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor) New York (USA), Certification in Motivational Enhancement Therapy New York USA | Karachi


74 Positive Reviews

Fear is an innate phenomenon most of the people they have some kind of fear. it's only became problematic when it's start Interfearing in your daily life.

Psychologist in Lahore - Ms Komal Aziz

Ms Komal Aziz - Psychologist

MSc (Psychology) MPhill (Psychology)* | Lahore


65 Positive Reviews

take ur appointment as soon as possible in affordable fee with me thanks

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Ms. Ayesha Pervaiz

Ms. Ayesha Pervaiz - Psychologist

MSc (Applied Psychology), Post Magistral Diploma in Clinical Psychology (PMDCP) | Faisalabad


2 Positive Reviews

book an appoinment with me

Psychologist in Wah Cantt - Gulelala Bashir

Gulelala Bashir - Psychologist

MS (Clinical Psychology) , ADCP (Advance Diploma In Clinical Psychology) , ADPL (Advance Diploma In Psychology Language) , CBT(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) | Wah Cantt


77 Positive Reviews

ya information bht kam ha is ki base pa apko proper guide ni kia ja skta na hi Koi diagnosis ban skta ha..you should go for proper professional help to sort it out..thanks

Psychologist in Lahore - Mahnoor Asif

Mahnoor Asif - Psychologist

MS (Psychology) | Lahore


8 Positive Reviews

consult for detailed discussion about it

Psychologist in Lahore - Ms. Fakhra Faiz

Ms. Fakhra Faiz - Psychologist

| BS (Hons) Applied Psychology | | Lahore

book your appointment for complete assessment and treatment

Psychologist in Lahore - Salman Riaz

Salman Riaz - Psychologist

MS Clinical Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP), Dip. MD (Alternative Medicines), Addiction Specialist, Hijama Specialist, Pain Management Specialist, PGD in Dermatology and Skin Aesthetics with Cosmetology | Lahore


20 Positive Reviews

you are confident.

Psychologist in Swabi - Ms. Sania Wisal

Ms. Sania Wisal - Psychologist

BS Psychology | Swabi


1 Positive Reviews

I'm a Certified Consultant Clinical Psychologist (MS in Clinical Psychology, with more than 3 years of experience) available for your Counseling.

Feel free to connect, I'd love to help you.

Member of Marham-Forum

Apna psychological assessment behavior evaluation test krwain. appointment lain Marham k zarieye aur complete treatment lain.

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ms. Horiya Sheikh

Ms. Horiya Sheikh - Psychologist

MS (Psychology), MS (Clinical Psychology) | Islamabad

need a detailed session for better understanding your situation and to better help you kindly book a session for introductory session

Psychologist in Lahore - Asma Zahid

Asma Zahid - Psychologist

MS (Applied Psychology), ADCP (USA), HPD (USA). | Lahore


61 Positive Reviews

need details

Psychiatrist in Karachi - Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ayub Baloch Gold Medalist

Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ayub Baloch Gold Medalist - Psychiatrist

MBBS, FCPS Psychiatry ( Gold-Medalist ) International Associate, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. International Member, American Psychiatric Association. Consultant Psychiatrist (Specialist in the treatment of Psychiatric, Sexual & Drug Addiction) Certificated Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. | Karachi


355 Positive Reviews

Thank you for asking.
This need an assessment.
Kindly book online for a detail assessment and further treatment guidance accordingly.

Clinical Psychologist in Mansehra - Farhana Shams

Farhana Shams - Clinical Psychologist

BS.Hons (Psychology), Post Graduate Diploma (Clinical Psychologist), M.Phil (Applied Psychology) | Mansehra


20 Positive Reviews

psychologist se sessions lyn

Psychologist in Jhelum - Mr. Asad Raza

Mr. Asad Raza - Psychologist

MSc (Psychology), MS (Clinical Psychology) | Jhelum


91 Positive Reviews

please book an appointment

Psychologist in Mansehra - Maryiam Liaqat

Maryiam Liaqat - Psychologist

BS Psychology, MS Psychology, MPhil | Mansehra


2 Positive Reviews

please book your appointment with me through Marham in reasonable fee
thank you

Psychologist in Multan - Mehwish Khalil

Mehwish Khalil - Psychologist

| M.Phil. Clinical Psychology | | Multan


7 Positive Reviews

You take a session i will guide you how to handle this phobia. Book your appointment.

Psychologist in Faisalabad - Kainat Khan

Kainat Khan - Psychologist

MSc Applied Psychology, Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology, M.Phil in Clinical Psychology | Faisalabad


115 Positive Reviews

Take ur appointment in affordable fee with me shukriya

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ehsan Zafar Awan

Ehsan Zafar Awan - Psychologist

MSc (Applied Psychology) Certification in Psychiatry Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, MS Level in Subjects organizational Behaviour & Management | Islamabad


571 Positive Reviews

These are symptoms of Schizophrenia however need proper diagnosis to reach at conclusion and make treatment plan. Book my appointment through Marham

Psychologist in Islamabad - Ms. Sobia Naz

Ms. Sobia Naz - Psychologist

Diploma in Clinical Psychology, Diploma in Forensic Psychology, MS (Special Education Physical Disability) | Islamabad


26 Positive Reviews

you can fix an appointment with me thank you

Psychologist in Charsadda - Nisar Ahmad

Nisar Ahmad - Psychologist

| BS (Hons) in Psychology | MS (Clinical Psychology) | | Charsadda


37 Positive Reviews

I'm a Certified Consultant Clinical Psychologist (MS in Clinical Psychology, with more than 5 years of experience) available for in person sessions in Mansehra- with the facility of 'Online Counseling' for international & distant clients- having 97% success rate!

Feel free to connect, I'd love to help you .

Psychologist in Lahore - Squadron Leader Ahmed Salman

Squadron Leader Ahmed Salman - Psychologist

Masters in Psychology, Diploma in Clinical Psychology, MS Clinical Psychology (Continue) | Lahore


1041 Positive Reviews

Please consult psychologist n psychiatrist immediately. Don’t delay further n get proper assessment n treatment. Schezuphrenia must be ruled out. Get well soon

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