10 Best Qualities Of A Good Doctor

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Every day, doctors have the chance to make an impact on someone else’s life, to give someone back their independence, to help someone walk again. What a great thing to do. They get to make people happy, they make them fall in love with their lives again. Being humans, they do give up sometimes, get frustrated, angry and upset. But they have some great qualities, which we as a normal human being cannot easily practice. Here are the top 10 qualities a good doctor has or should follow.

1. Compassion

Compassion is what the doctors are best at. They feel what others are feeling and they go through the same situations for their patients. Compassion is the ability to identify the suffering of another person and imagine ourselves in a similar state. Doctors do that multiple times every day.

2. Understanding

Doctors understand your situation, they try to listen to your issues and also your recommendations. But have you ever tried to understand their situation? If they act up or are not as lively as you expect them to be, try to understand what they go through a lot the whole day. Try to understand what they tell you so they can understand you better too.

3. Empathy

Empathy comes across as warmth. It is an emotional identification of both heart and mind. It is said that empathy does not only come in the shape of words, it is also through a smile, eye contact and the whole body language. The doctors who displayed emphatic nonverbal behaviour—such as eye contact, smiling, and uncrossed arms—were perceived as both warmer and more competent.

4. Honesty

Unfortunately, the medical profession comes with a lot of grey areas. They are bound to do such things which they’ll never do in their normal lives. When you are a doctor, the most helpful thing you want to say might not be the most likeful thing for the people to hear. Some doctors refrain from telling patients the full truth, to avoid upsetting them or causing them to lose hope. But being honest to them and telling them the trust is the best thing you can do. Honesty is the best policy when communicating to patients, especially if you convey it with genuine care and concern.

5. Competence

Competence is not only how skilled you are or how good you perform. It is the soft skills like empathy and also patience. Competence is also based on intellectual skills, your ability to make difficult diagnoses and your emotional intelligence. The doctors who have the ability to collaborate and can effectively lead teams can definitely perform better in difficult situations.

6. Commitment

A doctor who is committed to their profession, to the patients and is dedicated towards self-improvement are the ones who excel in their careers. Commitment on a personal level also empowers individuals to perform better and also enables them to attach direction and meaning to their work.

7. Humanity

It is said that ” A good doctor treats the disease, whereas a great doctor treats the patient who has the disease “. To be a good doctor, it is important that we become a good human being first. The doctors who are lively, cooperative and welcoming are most likely to get more patients because of their behaviour.

8. Courage

Doctors commonly face situations that require a lot of moral courage. That includes delivering care to a critical patient, meeting an angry and frustrated family member, addressing an incompetent or impaired colleague, disclosing sensitive news and raising concerns about unethical or unsafe practices. You should remember that courage isn’t always the act of trying to do what is right, but sometimes just the act of trying again.

9. Respect

Respect is the most important element in any profession, no matter what designation you are at, respect should always be the first rule of your personality. Give your patients the respect they deserve and they’ll respect you even more. Patients can feel how much their doctors respect them. The doctors who have respect for patients and provide more information have a more positive affect in their medical practice.

10. Strong Work Ethic

Strong work ethics mean you dedicate 100% of yourself to your work every day. Regardless of how tired you are or what is goes on in your personal life. This is one of the best qualities which will help you succeed in any field. Every day brings a new challenge for the doctors and their patients. Even if you don’t know what those challenges will be, you’ll have to be ready to face them. Put in your best effort if you want to succeed.

Doctors are considered to have the most powerful personalities as compared to any other profession. This makes them more responsive to perform according to what is expected from them. We have thousands of competent doctors on our panel who are steady and available all the time to serve you with the best. If you are a heart patient, having any skin issue or are willing to talk about your personal matters to a professional, log on to Marham.pk or call at 03111222398 to book your session.

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