10 Mistakes You’re Making While Brushing Teeth. (Bonus: Braces!)

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Security Notice – Smile. You are on the camera. I saw that sign in my university the other day. I did smile when I read it. Not everybody does though. Maybe it is the condition inside the heart. Maybe someone is feeling sad. He does not feel like smiling. He is not happy. But there are other people who hide their pretty smiles. Do you know why? They are conscious of their teeth. They have bad teeth. In other cases, they might wear braces. The way you brush your teeth matters way more than you can imagine. Want to know the secret to a bright, full and confident smile? You should know how to brush your teeth properly to get clean teeth.

Most of us do not pay attention to when we are brushing our teeth. We don’t really know what the proper way is. We just do it according to our instincts. I have seen others do it the same way as I do. We brush our teeth carelessly. That’s a fact. Maybe you are thinking I am wrong but read on. Want to bet if you brush your teeth perfectly? Let’s go!


According to the NHS teeth guide, you should use a toothpaste that has at least 1,350 ppm fluoride. Fluoride toothpaste is good for teeth.

The Angle Matters.

We are not bothered about our teeth. Not until you feel the pain from a problem that had been progressing for a long time due to your negligence.

One of the most common mistakes we make when we are brushing teeth is that we do it straight. Opt a 45 degree angle to the gums. Then brush your teeth.

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Using the same toothbrush for years!

Just kidding. Not years, of course, but longer than the recommended time for a toothbrush. You can use a toothbrush for upto 3-4 months. However, you should change it after. A lot of us forget to change our toothbrushes. We keep using them. The damaged and bad bristles are not helpful in cleaning your teeth. They will only miss out spots. There are high chances that bacteria might grow during that period. Plaque can also form.

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You have been using hard bristles.

A lot of people go for hard bristles when they buy a toothbrush. A common misconception is that the harder the bristles, the better they will clean your teeth. Wrong! You should always buy extra-soft or soft bristles. Why? So that they can bend easily and go into the corners and gaps of your teeth to clean teeth properly.

You brush from left to right…

…Like everyone else. Well, the thing is that you actually brush from one end of the mouth from top to bottom and keep on going to the opposite side of the mouth. So we’ve all been doing it wrong.

Marham had a session with Dr. Shahzad Mirza about teeth health. You should watch it too!

You do not rotate the brush.

The best way to brush teeth is to go clockwise when you are brushing from top to bottom. Do not go back and forth in a straight direction. Take time to gently stroke your teeth in a circular motion.

You forget the inside surfaces of your front and bottom teeth.

While it is easy to remember to brush the outer surfaces of the teeth, you forget about the inner surfaces. You should flip the toothbrush and then brush the inside surface of the top and bottom front teeth.

We are very forgetful when it comes to brushing teeth. We often brush in the same manner every day without knowing. Eventually, it becomes a habit. Then we start skipping some parts of the mouth while cleaning.

But let me ask you something. Do you forget to eat? Or go to school? Work? No. You should not forget about teeth either. They are a very important part of our body. And to be honest, it is pretty easy to take care of if you do it carefully every day.

You do not brush for 2 minutes.

My sister was very enthusiastic about brushing the right way. The biggest mistake she made throughout a lot of years was this: She brushed for too long. Overbrushing is not good for the teeth. Neither is brushing in a hurry.

We are always in a hurry to brush our teeth. Have you noticed it? I have several times. We may spend so much time on games, funny youtube videos, social media. But it seems like painful tasks to spare four minutes from the whole day to brush teeth properly.

Brush your teeth twice and give two minutes each time. It will work wonders for you.

You do not even consider the tongue and inner cheeks.

Do you find it funny that part of brushing includes the tongue and inner cheeks? I do. Because I did not use to pay any attention to these. It is important to get rid of some bacteria on your tongue. If your tongue is pinkish, that means it is okay. If it has a white surface, then that is an indication of bacteria. Sometimes, this is a good symptom a doctor checks for too. Brush the front and sides of your tongue as well. Don’t forget your inner cheeks either.

Brushing with braces.

Braces are a pain, I know. But you should brush in the same way as above, except for first, you should remove the removable stuff. Rinse them before you put them back again. Clean the parts around the wires and then the wire itself. Continue on to cleaning the teeth as mentioned above.

Hopefully, now you will feel like you need to change the way you brush your teeth. I know I did! There are several dentists you can contact through Marham for any dental issues. If you are looking for a doctor for braces, plaque removal or general checkup, make it happen with Marham today!

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