15 Alarming Things Your Eyes Are Trying to Tell You about Your Health

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“Our eyes are the windows to our soul & health too”

Our bodies have a flair for telling us when something is wrong, but that only works if we catch the signals. Their shape and color can reveal if you’ve got life-altering conditions. There are many ways you’ll keep them in an exceedingly good form. If your eyes begin to appear out of the normal, it’s an indication that you need medical attention. So, beware for these signs & red flags-

  1. Bug Eyes or Bulging Eye

Eyes that appear to balloon are scary, not solely because they make you appear as if the Bride of Frankenstein, but conjointly due to what they tell you about your health.
The medical term for this is ‘exophthalmos’ that is a symptom of Grave’s malady. Dr. Robert Graves 1st represented it in 1840. It causes the thyroid glands to produce too many hormones causes hyperthyroidism. If your eyes bulge, you may have vision issues as well.

  1. Gray Rings

Gray doesn’t simply mean that you just are aging. If you develop senilis or a gray ring around your cornea, do approach your doctor for a lipid test. It usually means you’ve got high triglycerides and are in danger of a heart failure or stroke.

  1. Cloudy Eye

A white film covering the eyes isn’t a decent sign. you’ll have a cataract if the lens of your eye becomes clouded. It will have a range of causes, together with tumors and diabetes.

  1. Eyelash Loss

Eyelash loss doesn’t solely create an odd look however indicates poor health as well. It may point to a basal cell carcinoma or eye cancer. Most eye diseases don’t seem to be fatal. But they may cause death if they reach the brain. Eyelash loss may lead to disfigurement and sightlessness or blindness.

  1. Oily Skin

A lump underneath your eyelid might appear as if a tumor and may frighten you, however it may be nothing more than excess oil below the skin called a Chalazion, it usually vanishes after a couple of days. One may surface it, if your skin has excess oil.

  1. Droopy eyelids

If you have got drooping eyelids on each eyes or ptosis, you may have myasthenia gravis. A sickness that affects immunity, it is characterized by muscle weakness. If not detected early, it may be potentially deadly. Good news is that there are efficient & economical medical treatments for it.

Droopy eyelids conjointly point to a dangerous condition called Homer’s Syndrome. If doctors diagnose you with it, you may have tumors or aneurysms in your neck.

  1. Eye Inflammation

Ophthalmologists don’t just diagnose eye conditions, they’ll additionally tell if a patient has other diseases. They discover medical conditions by examining the retina. Inflamed retinas are signs of dangerous diseases, such as AIDS.

  1. Twisted Blood Vessels in the Eyes

Twisted blood vessels in the eye evoke extreme pain and reveal health conditions as well. They may mean that you have an unwelcome visitor, yes high blood pressure. If you have dents in your retina, you will have a condition termed as AV-nicking. Crumpled or twisted veins within the eye counsel that you just are in danger of a heart stroke.

  1. Marfan’s Syndrome

Does your eye look as though, it’s ready to welcome a sunrise? Are you remarkably tall and thin? You may be in danger of what doctors call Marfan’s syndrome. This bring impacts the connective tissues in the eye and causes them to loosen. The loosening creates the look of a sunrise. If you believe that you have Marfan’s, see a doctor fast. Doctors associate it with arterial blood vessel weakness. If the aorta ruptures, you may have a coronary failure.

  1. Metastatic Cancer

Cancer in other components within the body may first arise in the eyes. Cancers which jaunt the eyes are breast and lung cancer.

  1. Blurred Vision

Pay attention, if you spend plenty of your time in front of the computer. If you experience blurred vision when you look at a display screen, you may have computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The work involved in focusing might strain your eyes. Blurred vision might also indicate the onset of diabetes. One amongst the foremost common causes of it is diabetic rhinopathy, which affects blood circulation within the eye. It may cause blindness.

  1. Diplopia

See a doctor straight away if you experience double vision for no apparent reason. It’s one among the warning signs of stroke. If you have other symptoms like dizziness, do so right away.

  1. Yellow Eyes

Yellow eyes cause you to look like an actor out of a horror movie, and they inspire fear for health reasons too. People with jaundice have such eyes. These embody infants with poor liver functions and adults with gallbladder or bile duct conditions. The build-up of bilirubin causes the yellow color. The increase occurs when the liver cannot process them any longer.

  1. Disappearing eyebrows

Check yourself in the mirror. Do your eyebrows suddenly look thinner? While having thin eyebrows is fashionable, watch out if they disappear short. Thin eyebrows could also be an indication of thyroid disease. The condition may lead to a dropping of brow-hair near the ears. Consult a doctor if you experience hair loss on other parts of your body.

  1. Shimmering lights

If you’re feeling like you see shimmering neon lights, you will have a condition called an ocular migraine. A headache that might be severe enough to induce vomiting that follows. You may also feel as if you are peering through a cracked window.

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