2 Types of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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To lose something precious and important is always sorrowful and heart rendering. It’s more distressing if this loss is a body part. Survivors of breast cancer usually go through these feelings. For a woman who lost its major body organ, one of the hallmarks of being a lady; her breast can cause mournful feelings as the breast are the significant part of personality, make her lady-like and essential to feed her babies. So whatever the age and relationship status of the woman the lost breast will cause grave feelings of anxiety, unsatisfaction, sorrow, and restlessness. In many cases, it also affects the relationship status of the female badly. So if any lady lost her breast due to some reason like breast cancer it will be difficult for her to move forward as it is. The situation is bad but not worst because modern science has a solution for this. Yes, the lost breast can be regained by the help of reconstruction surgery. Dr. Mohammad Bilal and Dr. Amin Yousaf are among best to choose for this delicate surgical procedure.

How Will Reconstruction Surgery Help?

If you had a mastectomy due to highly dangerous breast cancer which threatens your life and your doctor recommend you that loss of one body part will save your life. Then no need to worry now you are safe and alive and reconstruction surgery is here to help you to regain the lost part of your body. This surgical procedure is based on the implantation of artificial breasts. It is of two types.

Implant Reconstruction

In this procedure, artificial breast of some synthetic material like silicon is prepared artificially and implanted by the plastic surgeon with best skills.

Autologous Reconstruction

In this surgical method, the skin of the person is taken usually from the thigh or back and grown in the shape of the breast of appropriate size which is then implanted properly.

Whatever the technique is used the best thing is that the lost part is regained successfully. But there are some factors which decide that which type of surgery will be used. These factors are following;

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  • Type of mastectomy
  • Cancer treatments
  • Patient’s body type

When is it Done?

Typically the surgeon recommends and performs the breast reconstruction surgery during or soon after mastectomy. But if it does not happen at that time due to any reason it can be done after months or even after many years of mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Side Effects

No doubt that breast reconstruction surgery is one of the miracles of the modern science but it is still an emerging technology and needs a lot of improvements. So till now the available methods have some limitations such as;

  • Reconstructed breasts will not be the same as original in appearance.
  • Reconstructed breasts will be less sensitive and sometimes very numb. But after sometime sensitivity can be increased.
  • Several visits to the hospital after the surgery and further surgeries are often needed to get the best results.
  • Recovery after the surgery will take much longer time.
  • The potential risk of complications is greater than having a mastectomy.
  • This surgical procedure left the scars on the part from where the skin is taken for grafting.
  • Usually reconstructed breasts don’t have a nipple, but it can be created with surgery at a later date.

Breast reconstruction surgery is definitely a ray of hope for many. Getting your surgery done at a good hospital and from professionally experienced hands can save you from many unpleasant circumstances.

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