3 Major Causes of Anemia In Pakistan

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Anemia is defined as an unusual low hemoglobin level due to extreme condition. The most common Causes of Anemia is the iron deficiency but it’s not the only cause of anemia. Several causes of anemia present in an individual or in a population contribute to the severity of the anemia.

What is Iron Deficiency Anemia?

Severe iron deficiency of anemia is called iron deficiency anemia (IDA). Individuals who have iron deficiency without anemia some important conditions may be observed. Decreased physical capacity, reduced immunity, and cognitive impairment is commonly related to iron deficiency anemia. Body temperature may be reduced in severe iron deficiency anemia. Severe anemia is also a threat to life. Anemia that results from iron deficiency describes a very last stage of iron deficiency. You can also book the best Hematologist in Lahore from Marham.pk.



  • Blood Loss

Blood loss is the main cause of iron deficiency anemia. For anemia and acute iron loss, hemorrhage is by far the most common mechanism. Hemorrhage is the decreases the supply of iron for erythropoiesis, decreases the host’s red cell mass and for erythropoiesis increases the iron need.

  • The Maternal-Fetal Bridge of Iron Deficiency

During the perinatal period and pregnancy maternal iron deficiency anemia have severe effects on both child and mother. Maternal depression reduced fetal brain maturation, and pediatric cognitive defects are caused due to direct effects of anemia.

  • Malaria

In most tropic regions of the world malaria and iron deficiency anemia, both coexist. By causing intravascular hemolysis with successive loss of hemoglobin iron in the urine malaria contributes to iron deficiency anemia.  You can also book the best Hematologist in Islamabad from Marham.pk.

Diet and Malabsorption of Iron

Severe malnourishment can cause iron deficiency anemia. To prevent anemia balanced diet is mandatory, also for maintaining iron availability iron supplements are essential especially for people suffering from anemia. The normal Western diet is not enough so iron dietary supplements are needed to meet the requirements of pregnancy. To avoid iron chelating substances and for the better availability and absorption of iron, Vitamin C can be used concomitantly. You can also book the best Hematologist in Karachi from Marham.pk.


Dietary Intake

Use of the following components is recommended by clinical nutritionists in Lahore that are effective in the prevention and recovery from anemia.

  • Folate
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vegetable protein intake
  • Vitamin C
  • Fortified cereal intake (iron, folic acid) and
  • Red meat intake is used as dietary supplements for iron deficiency anemia.

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