3 Traditional practices Dangerous for Infants

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Pakistan is the land of different cultures and each culture has its own beauties. In some cultural areas of Pakistan, it is a tradition that pressing the specific parts of the newborn can modify them to gain the best shape of these organs. These traditional practices may modify the apparent structures indeed, but this action may cause some harms to the delicate internal structures of the little ones. Here we are listed some of its ill effects, just read these out.

Forehead and Head Pressing:

It is a very common tradition among the various communities to press the forehead and head of the newborn to modify or reshape it. No doubt that the delicate parts of the brain are protected in the cranium but the hard pressing can still damage them. Brain growth is also affected by this even some brain parts gets affected and loses their ability of proper working. If your child is the victim of some mental issue you can book an appointment online by the best neurologist in Islamabad, Karachi and other main cities via Marham. Some recent studies proved that pressing head in newborn also decrease the intelligence and learning ability of the child.

Nose Pressing:

To make the nose sharpen and attractive, it is pressed. Sometimes this practice works and aim is achieved as the organs of a newborn are delicate and gets affected easily. And this effect can be negative too. Yes, the nose pressing can damage the intricate nose bone and may cause respiratory problems in a child. The babies who undergo nose pressing are more prone to an early age and adulthood respiratory problems, and nasal septum issues researchers narrated. To get help from the best ENT specialist in Lahore, Karachi or their main cities for your child ENT issues you can log on to Marham.

Finger Head Pressing:

In some areas, this is also practiced. The finger heads, the area around the nails is pressed to make the fingers head pointed and beautiful. This act can harm the growing structure and may lead to nails growth towards inside the flesh of the fingers. This may also cause mild injuries and infection in nail beds.

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Dear readers, keep in mind that beauty and health both are natural gifts. Never try to sacrifice one in the seek of other. Your kids are a blessing of Almighty and are perfect as they are. 

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Tayyaba Waris
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