4 Facts Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening

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Each one of us wants a perfect and beautiful smile. Now we all know that teeth are the major parts of the smile that’s why Teeth Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental processes. It’s the process that improves your smile by restoring the natural color of your teeth. While if you think that it’s just for the movie stars and despite wanting this so hard, you can’t get this. Then you are wrong! Your desire for a brighter smile with whiter teeth can be fulfilled too. You may not have heard this before bus yes it’s not just for a day but it can last up for almost 5 years. You just need to know some facts about this process. So here it is, let’s have a look.

1. Teeth Whitening Does Not Damage Your Teeth:

Many people have this fear regarding teeth whitening that it can damage their teeth. Yes! Just like aggressive brushing of teeth, abuse of anything can be damaging. However, if used as instructed, professional teeth whitening is exceptionally safe. The active ingredient in most of the teeth whitening agents is 10% carbamide peroxide also known as urea oxide. It temporarily opens pores in your teeth and lifts stain.

2. It Can Be Done At Clinic Or At Home:

The dental whitening process can be done at dental clinics or at home. The procedure done at home involves the use of teeth whitening trays. These trays are manufactured in the dental laboratories but after taking the impression of your teeth and gums. However, teeth whitening in the dental clinic involve first prepping up the teeth. A laser beam is passed over the teeth for a given duration of time and this procedure may be repeated once more for better results.

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3. Teeth Whitening Means Staying Away From Stain Leaving Foods:

Teeth can get easily stained with food items like beetroot. So, one should stay away from such food items after the teeth whitening procedure. In fact, you should also not consume too much tea, black coffee, and other such drinks which can cause the teeth to stain.

4. Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening Is Absolutely Normal:

If you are worried about why sensitivity occurs during the teeth whitening process, then don’t worry because it is completely normal. Your teeth become temporarily dehydrated which reduces their ability to protect the nerve from changes in temperature. The sensitivity that you feel will disappear after 12-36 hours of this process.

Here is all that is important for you to know before making an effort to go in dental whitening. If you have any other queries then you can always consult with the best dentist

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