4 Horrible Eye Conditions Due to Diabetes.

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diabetes eyes
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Diabetes is not something casual and “easy to go” disease. It is a long ailment that can hurt you on regular basis. It is more like a slow poison that will affect each and every part of the body. God has stabilized the system of our body in a different way. Similarly, if there is an unestablished level of sugar in the body it can damage our body in either way.
High sugar level is mostly much harmful as it gives long-lasting effects. High sugar level can create various harmful effects in the eye including, blurred vision, Cataracts, glaucoma, and retinopathy. Let’s take a look that how these conditions can be harmful to eyes. To book an appointment with the best endocrinologist in Lahore visit Marham.pk.

Blurry vision.

It is the most initial state of eye illness due to diabetes. It can immediately occur in type 1 diabetes but in type 2 it may take a bit more time. High blood sugar will swell your lens and thus you can feel blurriness or unclear visions.

diabetes eyes

diabetes eyes


Mostly occurs in the patients with type 2 diabetes. It is just like a cloud over the lens of eyes. Thus the vision to becomes very weak. This also occurs due to high blood sugar level. In diabetes patients sometimes sugar level increases up to 400 deciliters. In severe conditions, one can lose its vision too.  To book an appointment with the best endocrinologist in Karachi visit Marham.pk.


In this condition, blood vessels are damaged due to pressure build inside eyes and fluid do not produce like it meant to be. This damage the ability of vision. You may feel blurry vision or loss of vision as well. If this treated on time there may be chances that there will be less damage and with continuous medication, it can be fully treated.


In this condition diabetes, patients suffer from vision issues because high blood sugar affects tissue and make them weak.  To book an appointment with the best endocrinologist in Islamabad visit Marham.pk.

diabetes eyes

diabetes eyes

It is very important to keep the blood sugar normal. Sugar patients must keep checking their sugar level if they really want ease in their life.

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