4 Magical Food That Can Prevent Blood Clotting.

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Intolerance anxiety depression and what not. Today’s man is strictly gathered with such troubles. It is hard to spend a healthy life these days because of unhealthy food and lifestyle. Giving blame to the food habits won’t be wrong because impurities are highly available in the name of quality food.
These unhealthy food habits are leading us toward several diseases. Some diseases are more like a silent killer. Including cancer, hepatitis, diabetes and blood disease that really act like sweet poison in the body. They are not exactly diagnosed on time and create an alarming situation afterward.
Blood clotting is such disease that can occur in a few seconds and stop the whole system of the body by thickening of the blood. Food full of oil and cholesterol is a major reason behind it. Again with the help of food, we can cure it. Here are some useful foods that can thinner our blood.


Using ginger in daily foo can do endless benefits. Some people love to eat a raw form of ginger because of its flavor. It is a wonderful way to keep the blood thin and keep the heart at ease. It also increases blood circulation and thus one can avoid blood clotting. Due to its anti-inflammatory factors, it also helps the body in good digestion. You can use it in a tea too.

Green vegetables.

Green vegetables including spinach, peas, and celery are the best option for thinning of the blood. It also helps the blood to flow properly. Using celery in a detox water also increase red blood cells. Proper amount of red blood cells can prevent the body from many diseases that can lead to death due to an imbalance in platelets.


Cinnamon is not only famous because of its fragrance but also due to its magical properties. It helps in lowering the blood pressure and inflammatory conditions. Obviously, overuse can also cause the liver damage but this cannot deny the benefits of cinnamon.

Spices and herbs.

Spices are really good at lowering the thickness of blood and thus prevent the body from clotting. But hey! Make sure that you are not overusing spices because it can damage the stomach. Moreover, it is also harmful to people who have allergies.

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