4 Remedies That Can Treat Motion Sickness.

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This is the season to visit “Hunza” “Naran” and most importantly “Kashmir” because it’s the real heaven on earth. Visiting these places in this season is common because plain areas are full of humidity and heat waves. People want to keep themselves away from this much hot weather and rush to hilly areas. Long and long traveling time is quite hectic but fun as well.
In this traveling time, many of us can suffer from motion sickness. Now the question is what is motion sickness? Have you ever felt a headache or nausea during traveling? This is what actually motion sickness is. It mostly occurs among children but adults can also suffer from it. Dizziness, Salivation, Sweating, Pain in the stomach is also the symptoms of motion sickness. There are few things that one can keep with itself during traveling and can easily enjoy the tour. You can also book the best General Physician in Pakistan from Marham.pk.

Go slow on Consumptions.

When you are planning to travel either by bus, car or airplane. Make sure that you are not having a fully loaded meal before traveling. Mark this tip especially when you are traveling on an airplane. The reason behind it is airplane take off under heavy pressure and it can make you puke easily. Similarly, in hilly areas, one can suffocate and drop down with low pressure of oxygen. Using excessive drinks and oily food must be prohibited.

motion sickness
motion sickness

Deviate your attention.

Use headphones or book to deviate your attention from paths of the tour. Try to keep light snacks with yourself just like chewing gums, chips and carbonated drinks. Only use carbonated drink if you are feeling dizzy. Music is the source that can give you relief from a headache that aroused from the smell of petrol.
Use Ginger before leaving. You can also book the best General Physician in Lahore from Marham.pk.
Research says that ginger is a good remedy for motion sickness. Before leaving for a trip use ginger tea or add it to your meal. You can also make any detox drink with ginger keep it with yourself. But using it before traveling is more appropriate.
Source: WebMD

Get some sleep.

It is a good idea to take some sleep. Staying awake for all the way is not a good idea. You can minimize the stress by less exposure with the pathways. Sleep can make you less dizzy and motion sensitive. There is another fact that sometimes its hard to take a nap during traveling.

motion sickness
motion sickness

Asthma Patients.

Motion sickness is very common in people with asthma disease. Asthma patients must keep their medications and all the important things about them.

You can also book the best General Physician in Karachi from Marham.pk.
Don’t let these motion sickness ruin your tour. Because traveling is the escape from unhealthy, busy and uneasy routine.

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