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motion sickness

4 Remedies That Can Treat Motion Sickness.


This is the season to visit “Hunza” “Naran” and most importantly “Kashmir” because it’s the real heaven on earth. Visiting these places in this season is common because plain areas are full of humidity and heat waves. People want to keep themselves away from this much hot...

Mobile Phone Disadvantages

Addicted To Your Mobile Phone? Must Know These Health Hazards


Mobile phones are nowadays an important part of modern telecommunication in every person’s life. If only talking about Pakistan then half of the country’s population is using mobile phones and its market value is growing rapidly. Even children are becoming addicted to mobile phones and their parents...

Diseases in Pakistan

5 Common Diseases In Pakistan That Need More Attention


The increasing rate of health issues in Pakistan is alarming. Some of these health issues are leading to new kind of diseases while others are most common that have been eradicated from most part of the world but still exist in Pakistan. According to World Health Organization...

loss weight this eid

5 Tips To Not Gain Weight This Eid


You have learned self-control from fasting for a month. This means you have potential to control your cravings as well. Let’s practice self-control on this Eid too. On the auspicious occasion of Eid where some people enjoy their best there are some people who complain about gaining...

Enough sleep in Ramadan

5 Helpful Ways To Get A Good Sleep During Ramadan


Enough Sleep Is Necessary To Ward Off Fatigue, Lethargy, and Bad Mood. In Ramadan, your sleeping routine is bound to do a complete 180 turn. Night hours are way too less to have enough sleep and day hours are booked for work. So it becomes pretty obvious...

Benefits of Ramadan

Top 5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Fasting In Ramadan


The month of Ramadan is a period of fasting, patience, charity, sacrifice, piousness, and self-training. Muslims around the world practice fasting with the hope that these qualities will purify our souls and stay with us throughout the year. Many people observe fasting as religious obligations but only...