4 Safety Tips for Microwave Cooking

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Cook meal in minimum time, defrost the frozen food and heat up the refrigerated food; a microwave is a huge time-consuming appliance in the kitchen. Yes, it is indeed. But have you ever pondered that is it safe?  Its potent microwave radiations are really dangerous and can produce carcinogenic chemicals in food. But you can dodge these waves by adopting these little tips.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions:

Directions in the user manual mostly are not considered important but it provides you recommended operating procedures and safety precautions.

safety precautions for microwave use

For instance, you should not use some microwave ovens when they are empty. In addition, you should not heat water or liquids longer than the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. It also tells you the safe cooking range of the instrument.

Use Microwave-safe Containers:

Use cookware specially manufactured for use in the microwave oven to keep the food safe from damaging effects of microwaves radiations. Generally, you should avoid using metal pans or aluminum foil and plastic containers. Casual plastic pans are dangerous as their hazardous chemicals on heating up added to the food and cause gut problems. If you are facing any such stomach or intestine problem on Marham.pk you can find best stomach doctor in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan.

Do not Overheat the Products:

Avoid overheating food items, whether needed to defrost or cook.

microwave cooking safety

Even overheating water should be avoided. More time under the microwaves, especially when you are not using specialized containers for microwave cooking, can cause carcinogen production in food items which are not less than a poison.

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Check for Leakage:

There should be little cause for concern about excess microwave radiation leaking from ovens unless the door hinges or seals are damaged. Avoid using an oven if the door doesn’t close firmly or is bent, or otherwise damaged. All these issues make the path for damaging waves to come outside and will lead to health hazards related to eyes and skin.

Technology is to serve you, but be a bit careful in use to avoid associated harms.

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