4 Strategies to End Battling with your Stubborn Kids

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Dealing with stubborn children is a great challenge for parents as getting them to do even basic chores like taking a bath, eating a meal or going to bed is not less than a battle. Stop everyday battle and pay some attention to them with love and care for the desired outcomes. Here we have listed down a few tips that child psychologists and parenting experts recommend to deal with a stubborn child.

Listen to them:

Communication is a two-way street. If you want your kid to listen to you, you have to listen to him first. Strong-willed children may have strong opinions and tend to argue. Never try to suppress their opinion. Talk it out, listen to their point of view. If they are not reasonable tell them in an appropriate way.
stubborn kids

Connect with Them Before Forcing Them:

Never say a harsh and direct no to a stubborn kid. If he came with a demand, listen to HIM carefully, talk to show your interest in this matter. Tell him what you can do and what is not possible and why? But keep in mind that you have to do all this effort in a friendly and polite manner.

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Give him Options:

Kids have a mind of their own and don’t like being told what to do. Tell your four-year-old stubborn child that he has to be in bed by 9 pm, and you will get a loud no from him. To change the circumstances, give your kids options instead of directives. Instead of telling her to go to bed, ask her if she would want to read bedtime story A or B. It will take him to bed happily.
stubborn kids

Stay Calm:

Yelling at screaming kid will turn an ordinary conversation into a shouting match. Your child might take your response as an invitation to a verbal combat. So never give him a response in his way. Stay calm and handle him with cold behavior. This is not an easy job at all. You can take help from some good psychiatrist. Marham.pk is the website where you can find the best psychiatrist in Karachi or any big city of Pakistan for your child problem.

The best way to deal with a stubborn child is to show him that his behavior doesn’t work, but show this in a cool manner.

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