Bariatric Surgery:The Last Hope to Kick Out Stubborn Body Fats

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Obesity or increased body weight, and waistline is the main hurdle in your happy active life. Your big belly is really a big culprit spoiling your impression and social life. Have you become a symbol of overweight and unhealthy eating patterns in your social circle? As friends get together they pinpoint your round belly. And the most grave of all is this evil body fat hinders you to find a dream life partner. People around you are just enjoying their life and you are seeing them with bitten hurt. Reason? Stubborn body fats which agreed not to leave you even after the hard spells of exercise and strict diet plans.

We know obese people chose traditional methods like exercise and dieting to get rid of these fats as a first attempt. Mostly these plans work out and person achieves its dream figure again. Are you are one of those persons who failed to gain ideal body figure even after the regular strenuous exercise and strict diet plans? Well, there still is hope. We are here to serve you. Visit the Masood hospital, Lahore; the best hospital serving the obese for more than a decade to get rid of stubborn body fats permanently with the help of surgery.

Surgery…? Frightening indeed!

The surgical method for treatment of chronic obesity called Bariatric Surgery is quite safe and works amazingly for people having BMI 35 and above, who failed to reduce weight by traditional methods and remedies. Book yourself an appointment with a bariatric surgeon to discuss your problem. Masood hospital, Lahore is the best hospital in this regard as they have experienced and well trained medical professionals working more than a decade with satisfactory success result.

How Will This Surgical Approach Help?

You are curious to know how this surgery will help you to get rid of extra pounds. If you are thinking that this will remove extra fats from belly than you are wrong guys. This surgical method works in a different way. Like any problem, when you are going to solve it, you try to reach the root cause of that problem. So in Obesity (Bariatric) Surgery we make some change in your stomach, so you can eat less and feel full earlier.

Bariatric surgery can help you to revert back to normal living and will save you from the grim side effects of obesity like diabetes, heart problem and blood pressure, Joint pain high cholesterol and most of the gynecological issues in females.

Let’s have a look at its different methodologies to know how it helps.


Sleeve Gastrectomy:

This procedure also reduces the food intake as by a surgical method in which the 80 percent of the stomach is stapled and removed. So the new stomach sleeve will hold a small amount of food and say ‘I am full’ early. People feel less hungry as well.


    • Restricts the amount of food the stomach can hold and induce favorable alteration in hunger pattern
    • Induces rapid and significant weight loss
    • Involves no foreign objects or no bypass of the food stream
  • Relatively short hospital stay is needed

Adjustable Gastric Band:

In this surgical approach, an silicon band is placed around the upper part of stomach. This will make a smaller pouch of 50 /60 cc.  This will reduce the size of the stomach to make the less eating possible.


  • Induces weight loss up to 70% percent of excess weight loss.
  • Involves no cutting of the stomach and requires less hospital stay (Day case surgery)
  • Banding Is reversible and can be removed any time
  • It is adjustable so that we can monitor the weight loss process
  • No nutritional deficiency
  • No need to be on medicines for rest of your life.
  • No life-threatening complications.



Gastric Bypass:

In this procedure, the upper half of the stomach is connected with the small intestine. This will reduce the stomach size and reroute the food into intestine, making it possible to eat less and absorb less for the purpose of weight loss.


  • Significant long-term weight loss up to 60-80 percent
  • Lead to conditions that increase energy expenditure
  • Develop beneficial alterations in gut hormones to reduce appetite


Biliopancreatic Diversion of Duodenal Switch Gastric Bypass:

This procedure is the combination of sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. In this approach, the stomach half is removed and intestinal half is bypassed and both portions are connected with each other. In result, the stomach size will reduce to offer less food intake.


  • Offers greater weight loss as compared to any other procedure
  • No strict diet plans are needed to follow

The message for the victim:

So take your first step towards healthy living and book an appointment online with the best bariatric surgeons in town at Masood Hospital, Lahore.

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