4 Ways Chilled Water Can Ruin Your Health

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Water is life. No living being can survive without this precious gift of nature. But this blessing turns in to wrath if you do not abide by certain rules to consume water. As if there were not enough rules already, there are few limitations to water consumption as well.
Benefits of warm water are well debated, even consumption of room temperature water is considered fine but drinking chilled water poses a serious hazard to your overall health. Let’s have a look at how are we setting the stage for chronic diseases merely by drinking chilled water.

Fat Deposition:

Struggling with muffin tops and waistline fat deposits? Limiting usage of chilled water can help you in the war against body fat. Chilled water and cold drinks lead to congealing of fats in food making it impossible for the body to digest. Where does it end up then? Right on top of your belly, most of the times.
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Chilled water leads to slowing down intestinal movements and also causes food to solidify. All this ends up as a trouble in defecation. So when they say to drink water for optimum digestive health it doesn’t mean to raid freezer and grab a chilled water bottle. Drinking mildly cold or room temperature water is good and aids digestion as well.


Well, you wanted to hydrate your body by drinking water but what’s happening when you consume chilled water is vice versa of your intention. Chilled water leads to dehydration because the body is unable to take it up for hydrating itself. It first has to be brought to optimum temperature and only then can your body utilize it. This causes a delay in the rehydration process.
heart rate

Lowered Heart Rate:

As a response to intake of chilled water vagus nerve is affected. This leads to lowered heart rate until the body’s temperature is brought back to equilibrium. In case of any heart problems do not delay and book an appointment with the best cardiologists at Masood hospital via marham.pk.
They say “ a stitch in time saves nine” this really is true when it comes to chilled water consumption. Drop this habit today and save a lot of money you would end up spending on corrective and restorative surgeries.
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