5 Best Cardiologists In Pakistan

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Cardiac diseases are getting common these days. Stress, unhealthy food, and mental illness can be the major cause of this. Cardiac problems cannot be ignorable and need more attention than usual. A good cardiologist can not only save your life but can also guide you toward a better future.

Not every cardiologist can provide you the best facilities in cardiac issues. It’s a sensitive matter so one must make a wise choice. Here is a list of top cardiologists that can help you in a healthy lifestyle and save you from further damages.

1)Dr. Gohar Saeed

He is a highly qualified cardiologist and currently serving at National hospital Lahore. Dr. Gohar Saeed has served thousands of patients with his specialties like hypertension, angiography, cardiac CT scan, ECHO, valvular diseases, and angioplasty. He has 20 years of experience in his field.

Dr. Gohar Saeed cardiologist in Lahore

2)Prof. Dr. Syed Dawood Shah

Prof. Dr. Syed Dawood Shah is a highly qualified cardiologist. He is currently practicing at Heart and General Hospital Quetta. His specialties include Congenital Heart Diseases, Angiography, Angioplasty, beating heart surgery, open heart surgery, ECHO, and Cardiothoracic surgery. He is one of the best cardiologists in Quetta.

Prof. Dr. Syed Dawood Shah cardiologist

3)Dr. Junaid Zaffar

Dr. Junaid Zaffar is a well experienced and highly qualified cardiologist. He is currently working in Hameed Latif Hospital. He has specialized in Peads, obesity management, angiography, angioplasty, Cardiac CT scan, ECG, and diabetes.

Dr. Junaid Zaffar cardiologist

4)Dr. Qurban Hussain Khan

He is a qualified cardiologist and currently practicing at Safari Hospital Rawalpindi. Dr. Qurban Hussain Khan has tremendous experience in his field and served thousands of patients. His specialties include cardiac screening, Holter monitoring, hypertension, obesity management, angioplasty, and High Cholesterol Management.

Dr. Qurban Hussain Khan cardiologist

5)Dr. Muhammad Atta Khan Nasar

Dr. Muhammad Atta Khan Nasar is a highly qualified doctor and cardiologist. He is currently working at Al Shafi Hospital. He has specialized in Endocrine Disorders, cardiac catheterization, cardiac CT scan, echocardiography, cardiac screening, and obesity management.

Dr. Muhammad Atta Khan Nasar Cardiologists

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