5 Best Home Remedies To Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain

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Many people often decide to have their wisdom teeth removed as they cannot bear the pain and discomfort. However, it is a natural process and each one of us has to go through this. But anyone who has had their wisdom teeth come in knows how painful they can be. Well, I’m also one of those people and I must say it is the most painful experience of my life. In the meantime, the pain resolves on its own but in some cases, it needs either home remedies or dental treatment. So, if you are already going through this phase or still going to be in the future then must know these home remedies to relieve painful wisdom teeth.

1. Apply Ice Pack:

Apply an ice pack to your jaw, it helps reduce the inflammation and may also relieve the Wisdom Tooth pain. Hold an ice pack with a tea towel around it against your jaw for up to 15 minutes. It will give you a numbing effect and after some time you’ll feel no pain.

2. Warm Salt Water Rinse:

It is one of the best remedies and is often recommended by dentists themselves. It is not only the most effective ways to relieve the pain but also one of the easiest. All you have to do is to pour warm water into a glass and stir in two tablespoons of salt until it’s completely dissolved. Rinse your mouth with the water 2-3 times a day or until the pain starts to reduce.

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3. Cloves:

A study was performed in 2006 that shows clove is a topical pain reliever due to its numbing effect. To try this remedy at home, place the clove over the wisdom tooth that is causing pain. Hold it in place by closing the jaw but without chewing it. Leave it there until the pain reduces and then spit it out.

4. Onions:

Onions have already been used to relieve the pain and inflammation from arthritis. However, you can also use it for relieving wisdom tooth pain. Cut off a piece of onion and chew it on the side of your mouth that is causing pain. If you cannot chew it due to intense pain, then use your finger to hold the piece of onion directly against the tooth.

5. Baking Soda Paste:

Baking soda pastes help in reducing the swelling of the tooth as well as ease the pain. This home remedy can be easily applied by mixing some toothpaste with baking soda. Apply the paste to the affected tooth. The level of pain will go down within a few minutes.

All of these remedies may work temporarily for you as they are only short-term solutions. These remedies will not cure the problem. So, it is always advisable to book an appointment with the dentist in order to get the correct treatment. You can also visit Marham.pk where you can find the best doctor in your town.

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