5 Best Neurologists In Lahore

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Depression, anxiety, mental stress and what not. We are badly surrounded by these problems. So there are more chances of getting mentally ill. Brain diseases thus result in it. A Huge population is suffering through a brain tumor, brain cancer, and other brain abnormalities.

In Lahore city diseases are increasing due to polluted air, water, and overpopulation. This is the major reason that people are suffering from brain ailments regularly. If you or your family member is in search of good Neurologists, here is a good read for you. Now finding good Neurologists is not difficult for anyone. You can also book the best neurologist in Pakistan from Marham.pk

1)Dr. Khalid Jameel

Dr. Khalid Jameel is a highly qualified neurologist and rehabilitation medicine specialist. He is currently working in Shadman General Hospital. He has a reputable experience in the field of neurology. His specialties include treatment of stroke, cluster headache, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, fits and other neurology diseases. His achievements include Sitara-e- Imtiaz and 35 years of service to the patients.


2) Dr. Syed Buland Akhtar

He is a highly qualified and experienced neurologist and currently practicing in Omer hospital and Cardiac Center Lahore. Dr. Syed Buland Akhtar is specialized in epilepsy, stress, headache, movement disorder. Parkinson and migraine. He has experience of Associate Professor in Mayo Hospital as well.


3) Dr. Syed Arslan Haider

Dr. Syed Arslan Haider is a highly qualified neurologist and currently practicing at Iqra Medical Complex Lahore. He has tremendous experience in his field. His specialties include Autism, epilepsy, neuropathy, spinal cord problem and movement disorder.


4)Dr. Rashid Imran

Dr. Rashid Imran is a well- experienced and highly qualified neurosurgeon. His is currently practicing in Hameed Latif Hospital. He has served thousands of patients with fits, movement disorder, epilepsy, learning disability, Parkinson and autism. You can also book the best neurologist in Lahore from Marham.pk


5) Dr. Muhammad Azeem Ashfaq

He is a qualified doctor and consultant for neurology. Dr. Muhammad Azeem Ashfaq is currently practicing in Prof. Dr. Sajid Maqbool Clinic. His specialties make him stand out of crowd and it includes, brainstem death, cluster headache, stress headache, and meningitis.


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