5 Causes of Sudden Nosebleed In Children

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Bleeding nose is quite common in young children and it can affect children from 3 to 12 years. Most common cause of nose bleeding in small kids is due to nose picking. Bleeding nose is scary for them and alarming for the parents as well but it’s not a worrisome problem. They can easily be taken care of at home. Every parent should keep a first aid kit at home to deal with these types of minor injuries. When you got panicked obviously your child will get scared too, so you need to be calm and attend to your child’s safety first. If in any case there is severe and repeated nosebleeds book an appointment with the best pediatrician in Karachi, Lahore or ant other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

What to Do:

You need to do these steps immediately after seeing your child’s nosebleed:

  1. Keep your cool and assure him/her that you are here for them.
  2. Let him sit straight in a chair.
  3. Slightly slant his head forward.
  4. Don’t push him back or let him lean back, it will make blood flow at the back of the throat and can result in vomiting and difficulty in breathing.
  5. With gentle hands pinch the part below the soft bone and wash it with clean tissue or towel.
  6. You need to put pressure on gentle hands on the nose for the bleeding to stop, do this for at least 8 minutes.
  7. Don’t let him rub it hard for some time.

what to do for a nosebleed

Causes and Reasons:

  1. Dry air is the main cause of nose bleeding. Mostly nose bleeding incidents take place in the summer season when the weather is hot or the air is irritating.
  2. You feel itchy crusts and when you pick and scratch those bleeding starts.
  3. Nose bleeding in winters are caused by common cold or can be due to certain infections.
  4. Some medicines are strong they can also cause nasal bleeding.
  5. Children used to play sports where they can meet an injury or blow to the nose which can lead to nose bleeding.

Nose bleeding is nothing to worry about in most conditions but they rarely become serious too so if that happens where your child’s bleeding won’t stop hurry and take him to an emergency, he needs medical help right away.

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