5 Health Benefits of Tai Chi

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In many Jackie Chan movies, you would have seen some characters doing strange slow exercise or yoga. Sometimes it seems they are meditating. What they actually are doing is an ancient Chinese practice called Tai Chi.
Tai Chi is a combination of slow movements, breathing exercises and meditation. This is a kind of martial arts and has many health benefits. Because these exercises are low impact these are good for beginners and people with health conditions who cannot take up other exercises. In Tai Chi, different postures flow back to back making whole practice look like a slow graceful dance. This is often termed as meditation in motion.
Different styles of this practice are used. Some of these are focused on maintenance of health while others are centered on martial arts aspects of Taichi. Here we will discuss how tai chi can benefit in certain health conditions.
benefits of tai chi

Benefits of Tai Chi:

In China, it is a strong belief that tai chi delays aging and promotes a longer span of life. Besides, it is also beneficial for strengthening muscles, improving posture, better balance and increase in flexibility. It also supports the body to respond better to the treatment of certain diseases. These include heart diseases, hypertension, stomach issues, stress, cancer, and arthritis.

Improved Balance and Fall Prevention:

Studies confirm that older adults can specifically benefit from tai chi. Thanks to its balance improvement benefits, it leads to lesser chances of falls and fractures in older adults. Injuries and death due to serious injuries are common in elderly people. If they practice tai chi they can avoid disability and injuries.

Strength and Flexibility:

One of the studies being conducted so far confirms that tai chi is a potent intervention which can increase strength, endurance, flexibility and upper and lower body muscular strength in older adults.
tai chi for elderly


Walking speed and capacity declines as you age. A research study states that people who practice tai chi have better walking speed compared to those who don’t. Walking lowers risk of high cholesterol, hypertension and heart disease. You can find and consult the best cardiologist in Pakistan using marham.pk.


This musculoskeletal disorder has no specific cure. People endure its painful symptoms that flare up without any specific reason. Tai chi has proven benefits for people with FM. It relieves painful symptoms and improves quality of life.


Life is full of stressors for adults of all ages. Tai chi lowers stress. The breathing patterns, movements, and concentration required can be a zone out from stressful events of life. Also, it equips you to stay in control and do not get stressed for minor reasons. you can learn more about tai chi by clicking here.
Mentioned above are just a few benefits of this ancient Chinese practice. People suffering from arthritis and depression can also practice this to their advantage. You can start doing it at any age. It’s pocket-friendly and needs no special equipment. You can do this at home or with a group.
Above all this might be a new experience to undertake and what’s a life without a taste of new experiences anyway!
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