5 Helping Ways to Control Your Hypertension

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Hypertension is a medical term for high blood pressure; it is when the pressure of blood being pumped through arteries is higher than normal. Hypertension has been known as the ‘silent killer’ as it often has no warnings signs or symptoms and many people do not even know if they are suffering from it. Therefore, with time, the persistent pressure overload may lead to accumulating damage which eventually becomes more than the circulatory system can handle, that often leads to serious health problems. However, this issue may be prevented if precautions are taken; the following are 5 natural ways of controlling hypertension:

Watch Out Your Waistline

One of the reasons for increased blood pressure is weight increase, and being overweight can also cause disrupted breathing while sleeping, which further increases the pressure of blood. Hence, weight loss is one of the most effective lifestyle changes for controlling blood pressure, carrying much around the waist can expose one to a greater risk of high blood pressure. A doctor may help regarding ideal measurement according to individual body types.

Stay Fit

In this luxury filled fast paced life regular physical activity for at least 30 minutes has great importance. Consistency in exercise cannot just lower blood pressure but also quitting it can raise it again. The best among the types of exercise for lowering blood pressure include walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing and strength training can also help reduce blood pressure.

Eat Healthy

Consuming a well-balanced diet can lower blood pressure, although it is a difficult process to change ones eating habits some of the following tips may help adopt a healthy diet:

Keep a food diary: Monitoring and writing down what, why, when and how much one eats can significantly affect one’s true eating habits.

Boost potassium: Potassium can lessen the effects of sodium on blood pressure and the best source of potassium in food includes fruits and vegetables.

Shop smartly: Reading food labels while shopping helps one to stick to a healthy eating plan and also choose low sodium alternatives of food and beverages than normal purchase, especially when dining out.

Consume Reduced Sodium Diet

The effect of sodium intake on blood pressure varies among different group of people, even a small reduction in sodium can help reduce blood pressure immensely. This can be prevented with less usage of processed food since only a small amount of sodium occurs naturally in foods and adding less salt to your diet than normal.

Be Pro Soya

According to a study replacing some refined carbohydrates in diet may lead to achieving a low blood pressure with foods such as high in soy or milk protein, for example, low-fat dairy may reduce systolic blood pressure.

However, consulting a doctor is the best option to cure individual problems to cater to different body types and Pakistan has a bunch of competent doctors who can give the best treatments of issues such as hypertension.

One such name is of Professor Dr. Javed Akram, who is a highly reputed Professor of medicine in Pakistan and is currently serving as a vice chancellor of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University.

He is distinguished to be the principal investigator of the NATIVE study, the largest ever study on hypertension conducted in Pakistani population which was presented at European Society of Hypertension meeting at Madrid, Spain and was published in a prestigious Journal of current Medical Opinion and Research from the USA. The professor is the first person in Asia to have conducted an internationally published result of his research on diabetes, Ramadan fasting, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and use of inferences in liver infections and is an author of six books and 400 research papers presented in International and National symposiums. He has very successfully represented Pakistan at many international medical conferences and forums. To book an appointment with Professor Dr. Javed Akram download Marham app and book an appointment right away.

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