5 Most Common Symptoms Of Vitamin D deficiency!

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Are you feeling low and fatigued all the time? And you don’t understand the reason behind it. When you are clueless about the reason behind your tiredness, you might need your blood vitamin D levels to get tested!

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and its deficiency is a global problem nowadays. Normally we can get vitamin D through dairy and meat. But its daily requirement does not meet with the diet. The daily intake requirement is 400-800 IU. Its deficiency is very common and according to research, 1 billion people are deficient with this vitamin. You can consult the best general physician in Karachi for diagnosing this issue.

Risk factors associated with vitamin deficiency are;

  • Dark skin color
  • Elderly people
  • Obese
  • Vegetarian people or not eating much fish or dairy
  • Living in dark homes with less sunlight
  • Staying indoors
  • Using sunscreen

People living in countries near the equator are less likely to be vitamin D deficient. Usually, people do not know that they have low levels of vitamin D in their blood. But here are some symptoms that show vitamin D deficiency in you;


Feeling depressed all the time without any proper reason is one of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. According to researchers, taking vitamin D supplements can improve depression in patients.

Bone and Back pain:

Feeling pain in joints, bones, and indifferent body parts, especially in the back, are symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is essential for your bones. It helps in the absorption of calcium. If you are deficient with vitamin D, you may experience body aches while doing daily activities.


Feeling fatigued especially during the daytime is also one of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Usually, people overlook this symptom and vitamin D deficiency remains undiagnosed. But without any reason, feeling tiredness is not a normal thing. And you should consider it serious.

Getting sick:

Getting infections and falling sick easily is also one of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. This vitamin increases the immunity of your body. But if you have low vitamin D in your blood, you can easily get the infection. So, it is important to have a check on this vitamin when you are often falling sick.

Bone Problems:

Vitamin D deficiency is also an important key factor in reduced bone density. It causes loss of bone minerals like calcium and other minerals making your bones weak. This usually happens in elderly patients especially females after menopause.

These are the main symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Now let’s discuss some treatments and remedies to maintain vitamin D in your blood.

  • Getting adequate sunlight as vitamin D is formed from cholesterol in the presence of sunlight.
  • Taking food rich in vitamin D like dairy, fish, meat, eggs, mushrooms, etc
  • Taking vitamin D and calcium supplements
  • Avoiding overuse of sunblock

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious problems like cardiovascular disease and bone problems, so it is important to get it diagnosed and treated at the right time. You can discuss your symptoms with the best general physician in Karachi through Marham.

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