5 Signs Indicating Labor is Imminent

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Pregnancy is such a bittersweet moment for Moms-to-be. At one hand mommies can’t wait to hold their babies in their arms and on the other hand they are all nervous about their upcoming due date.

In Pakistan, talking openly about pregnancy is still considered a taboo due to which expected mother remains unaware of the upcoming events. However, it is a duty of a gynecologist to aware a mom-to-be about all the signs of labor beforehand. To find the best gynecologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan visit Marham.pk. Having correct information will help a mother not to panic rather she will be able to handle and manage herself better when the delivery time finally arrives.

It is indeed true that labor is a nature’s call, one can’t be sure of the exact due date. But there are few signs that indicate the time of delivery is just around the corner.

1). Lightening:

One of the major signs that indicate your delivery time is not very far is lightening; it basically happens when a baby finally moves lower to the pelvic region.

A woman can identify this sign when she feels little ease in breathing. It happens when baby moves downwards hence the pressure on ribs and diaphragm decreases making, breathing easier for a mom.

2). Intense and Consistent Contractions:

Some women confuse Braxton hick’s contractions with true labor contractions. One can differentiate between the two by focusing on intensity and consistency of both. Braxton hicks are usually for a shorter period of time and they don’t last for long. Usually by changing a position can calm the pain down in false contractions. However, if intensity of contraction doesn’t subside, gets stronger, frequent and longer it becomes an actual sign of labor.

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3). Water Breaks:

When baby is all set to enter this world, a protective layer (Amniotic fluid) breaks and a woman feels a sudden gush of water flowing out of her body or at times fluid trickles down slowly. It is a sign that woman is about to go into labor.

4). Lower Backache:

Now when baby has dropped in the lower region, uterine and pelvic ligaments expand causing strain in the lower back. It is one of the causes that indicate delivery time is near.

5). Discharge of Mucus Plug:

Woman is about to get into labor when she notices a think pinkish-brown discharge from her body. It is a known as Mucus plug. It is a thick membrane that is around the cervix for the protection of the fetus. Once it is discharged, it’s a sign of approaching labor.

There shouldn’t be any shame in discussing biology of a human body. Professional prenatal classes should be arranged for expectant mothers so that they are aware of the upcoming events rather than being in a state of shock when they get into actual labor.

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