6 Common Questions about Childhood Vaccination

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Vaccination is the strategy to hinder the attack of deadly infections. In childhood, it is recommended to take vaccination for mumps, measles, whooping cough, diphtheria, and polio. But unfortunately, many parents avoid this beneficial practice due to some ill beliefs and push their child into the darkness of diseases.

Here are the authentic answers to some most common questions associated with vaccination.

Why Are Vaccines Necessary?

Vaccines help the person’s immune system to make necessary antibodies to fight against attacking microorganism and make it sure to keep safe from deadly infections. In many ailments like polio vaccine is the only option to save your child from the lifelong misery.

Are Vaccines Safe?

Yes. Vaccines are safe for your child. Some are made from weakened or dead germs such as bacteria or viruses, and some are made from proteins and/or polysaccharides (complex sugars). So these are quite safe. For an expert opinion, you can find the best child specialist in Karachi, Lahore or any main city of Pakistan via Marham.pk.


Are Vaccines Tested?

Yes. Making a new vaccine and introducing it to the market that is effective and safe for your child takes many years. All available vaccines have passed many safety tests before these are ever given to humans.

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Is it Safe for your Child to Get more than One Vaccine at a Time?

Yes. It is quite safe. Even when your child gets several vaccines at the same time, most side effects will be mild and will last for only a day or two. Common side effects may include a low fever or soreness where the vaccine was given. If any severe effect is noticed you can take help from the best child specialist in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.

Do Vaccines Cause Illness or Diseases?

No. till now, any vaccine is not found as the culprit behind any medical complication. Only a mild allergic reaction is noticed which vanished by its own within days.
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Do vaccines Cause Developmental issues?

No. Vaccines have nothing to do with physical and mental development. It only works to boost the immune system and developmental processes have no link with it.

  • Due to any ill belief, never compromise on your child’s health and take vital vaccination from a trustworthy medical center.
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