6 Rare Complications of a Nosebleed

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Nosebleed is also known as Epistaxis. It is simply the bleeding of the blood vessels of the nose. Nosebleed is very common and very fragile. It commonly occurs in adults and children of 3-10 years of age. It is caused by picking the nose and drying of nasal membranes. It can be easily prevented by not picking the nose and keeping the nasal passages wet. A nosebleed can rarely be life-threatening.

Causes of Nosebleed:

  • Cold air
  • Drying of nasal membranes

causes of nosebleed

  • High blood pressure
  • Blood clotting diseases
  • Nose picking
  • Cancer
  • Injury to the nose: any wound may cause the nasal vessels to bleed
  • High intake of aspirin and antibiotics

Complications Concerning a Nosebleed:

Nosebleed is very fragile and rarely life-threatening, however, sometimes, excessive blood loss may lead to many disturbing complications such as:

  • Unclear vision due to excessive blood loss
  • Anaemia due to excess blood loss from the body
  • Unconsciousness: loss of consciousness
  • Bad smelling nasal discharge: foul smell that may be very disturbing
  • Stiffness of nasal membranes which may be persistent
  • Nasal deformity: a broken nose may lead to permanent change in the shape of the nose. Be sure to consult with an ENT specialist in case of any of these problems. You can find the best ENT specialist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk.

nose dryness

Treatment of a Nosebleed:

In case of a nosebleed, following steps may be taken as prescribed by your doctor in order to treat it:

  • Use a medicated nasal spray (prescribed by a doctor) before applying pressure to stop the flow of blood from the nose.
  • Use your mouth for breathing instead of your nose.
  • Apply ice cubes to your nose as the coldness will constrict the vessels which will stop the blood flow.

Nosebleed can rarely be serious and can be treated easily with prescribed nasal sprays and proper care.

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