6 Tactics to Look Stylish these Winters

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In winters, to stand against cold winds sweaters are a real shield. But many people complain that sweater wearing is a boring thing. Some others complain that these woolen wears give them fat looks. And avoid wearing sweaters but it can cause severe illness in winters. In such situation, through Marham, you can consult the best pulmonologist in Karachi or Lahore. Here we are to help you. Read following sweater wearing tips to make this frumpy thing a style.

Chose the Fresh Colors:

Not necessarily the bright colors needed but fresh shades of light colors can also work best. Purple and pink are good to choose. Even the shades of blue and green can work wonder.

Go in Untraditional Way:

Why you only wear plain sweaters? The printed and the lined ones can be a good one to wear. Double colored sweaters and mixed print ones can also make you a style icon in your community.

Wear it Unbuttoned:

Try to use jackets or blazers with a zip. Buttoned sweaters make you little dowdy. If you have buttoned sweater then go unbuttoned with some lighter one beneath to save the chest from cold effect.

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Wear a Belt:

A belt around your waist, on the sweater not only makes your appearance thinner but actually stylish. So add a stylish belt on your sweater to avoid fatty frumpy looks.

Put Stylish Broach:

A stylish broach on one side or on a shoulder of the plain sweater can enhance its looks just like the spice. So you can buy some broaches with sweater shopping to make sweater wearing stylish.

Do Proper Matching:

It does not mean that you have to wear the same color sweater as of your dress. It just meant that you have to wear the sweater in a proper way. On long shirts put on short sweaters, while with short shirts or T-shirts you can wear long sweaters and coats.

  • In these winters, don’t avoid sweater wearing just try these clever tactics to make the sweater-wearing less boring.
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Tayyaba Waris
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