6 Ways Sunny Weather in Lahore can Affect You

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Weather is hot in Lahore. All thanks to brightly shining superstar- Sun. It is well known for causing sunburns. But here are some lesser known upsides and downsides of spending time in the sun. Staying away from the sun is generally considered healthy. While some of these benefits might drag you out to face the heat.

Red Blotchy Skin:

Prolonged exposure to the sun can make your skin permanently red and blotchy. As you age sunlight can make your skin thin. It loosens the structures surrounding blood vessels. Dilation of blood vessels leads to the appearance of red-brown areas on the skin. Unfortunately, this is a permanent condition. No treatment can reverse this. To find and consult the best dermatologist in Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan visit marham.pk.

Better Mood:

Facing the sun can give you a sunnier mood. Sun exposure unlocks beta-endorphins in the body. These chemicals are linked to uplifting mood and you feel good. But beware prolonged contact with sunlight can cause addiction to it.

Increase in Vitamin D:

Multiple studies support a link between soaking up the sun and vitamin D. It also decreases the risk of osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, and flu. Here again, moderation is the key. Too much sun can have negative effects. To find a doctor for bone-related issues use marham.pk. You can easily book an appointment or online consultation with the best orthopedic doctor in Karachi and other cities.

Improved Sleep Patterns:

Sunlight regulates your internal circadian rhythms. Your internal clock is tuned in to sunrise and sunset. When you expose yourself to daylight your internal clock synchronizes to nature. All this helps in a better sleep at night.

Vision Problems:

As you age your vision also gets affected. Excessive sunlight can affect your eyesight and adds to worsening the situation. Besides vision troubles, it can also lead to cataracts. The simplest fix is sunglasses. Wear these whenever you are out and about in sun.

Age Signs:

All those signs of aging considered normal are due to the sun. Wrinkle and brown spots appear due to sun exposure. Lifestyle amendments like hats and sunscreens can save you a lot of youthful looks.
Sun exposure is connected to a longer lifespan as well. Improvement in skin conditions like psoriasis and acne is also well related to sunlight. But all the risks are still there. So while you are outside or soaking up the sun at home always wear full sleeves, sunscreen, glasses and a broad-rimmed hat as well.
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