6 Ways That Can Help You Raise a Happy Baby

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No sight is as pleasing as is witnessing your child grow into a happy and satisfied individual. Every parent wishes to raise their children to the very best. But amidst all the chaos of parenting a little reminder on how to do it in the best interest of your children is very helpful. Today we are here with some helpful tips on how to raise happy babies. Childhood is the time where you lay the foundations of physical and mental health of your child. As much as you want to feed them good food, you should be equally interested in how to positively shape their mind frame.
Here is how you can help your child grow happily right from the beginning of their life.

Understand his Cues:

Your baby cannot communicate with words yet but he does have a strong power of communication with his facial expressions. You can easily understand when he is happy, bored or not feeling well. His face will light up with smiles on seeing you and he may cry when he drops his favorite toy. You will see him changing from giggles to cries in a matter of seconds.
If you feel your baby cries way more than he smiles, don’t worry. It is natural for babies to feel distressed more readily than happiness. Your part of the job is to understand and act according to his mood. If he is crying be there to make him feel protected and comfortable.

Spend Time With Him:

A lot of toys and activities might keep the baby occupied and amused. But do you know where his deepest happiness and satisfaction come from? It lies in your company and affection. Be sure to spend a lot of fun time with your kid. Engage with him in simple games and he will have his best time.
As he grows unstructured play will help him decide what he wants to do in life. You can be there helping him decide on how things work and together you will make a great team.

Teach Him to Process His Emotions:

As a parent its normal, completely fine to wish that your baby doesn’t cry or throw tantrums. But this does not happen in the real world. So, be ready to face a variety of emotions most of them at a most inappropriate time! Babies and toddlers cry and sob and become clingy at times. This may be due to a routine change, some disappointment or simply due to them being hungry.
Point is to make them understand that it is fine to be sad and upset. Tell them that you understand what they are going through and assure them by staying close. Making your kids believe that life is a bed of roses is probably the worst idea to instill in their young minds.

Encourage Their Efforts:

In the first year of life, your child has a lot to learn. He has to master sitting, then crawling and finally standing and walking and a lot more. These all skills take time to develop and need repeated efforts. Failing and falling may upset your baby to be there to applaud their small efforts. Make them feel, appreciated and assure your support where ever needed.

Build a Flexible Routine:

Babies thrive on routine. Well, most of them! They stay calm when they have a predictable routine. This helps them feel comfortable. Work with your baby on developing a steady predictable routine. This will help you to structure your and his day in a better way.

Take Care of Yourself:

Your baby’s most important need is you. Your physical and mental health is of utmost importance for his wellbeing. if you are unwell and depressed it is time to pay attention to sort yourself out. Take some time to regain your energy. This could be a long uninterrupted bath, a pedicure or a movie whatever works for you. If you feel overly depressed and out of sorts seek help. Depression after birth affects many and it is no shame get professional help in this regard.

You see raising happy babies is no rocket science. It is simple. be aware and stay in the moment. Your baby is this small just for short time. Make most of it while you can.

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