7 ways to get more protein and energy in Ramadan

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Ramadan is all about suffering from severe hunger, dehydration, and other problems.  But these hurdles do not lessen the spirit of Muslims. This is the actual beauty of this month. Similarly, it is important to take care of body so that every new fast better than before. There is no doubt that during fasting we crave for all Pakoras, samosas and junk food. After eating all these polluted food our body becomes more irritated and no energy left for next fast. To cop up all these hurdles there is a dire need for selecting healthy food. Let’s find out which food can give us protein and energy as well. You can now book the best nutritionist in Pakistan with Marham.pk


There are two types of fibers, soluble and insoluble. Most of the food contains both types of fibers and both are healthy to increase the energy level of the body. Now the question arises here is how to make fiber intake interesting in Ramadan. Add salads of pear apple and other healthy fruits in daily iftar.

protein and energy
protein and energy

2- Proteins

Protein is easy to digest and very helpful to increase the energy level of the body. We can add protein in daily iftar in so many styles.  Why not try a chicken steak for today’s iftar dinner. Try to serve these proteins with vegetables or fruits.


Simple carbohydrates are more useful for the body rather than complex one. We can get simple carbs from fruits, honey, milk and milk products. Complex carbs are obtained from pasta, white bread, and starch. Make a right choice of carbs and avoid complex carbs in iftari.  Complex carbs are bad for diabetic patients.

4- Minerals

Minerals are the very primary source of energy. During fasting all we lose is energy. Which means there is a need to double the dose of minerals during Ramadan. Iron is important mineral and we can eliminate its deficiency from several fruits. Plan to serve your family any refreshing juice full of minerals in today’s iftar. With Marham.pk its now very easy to visit the best general physician in Islamabad

protein and energy
protein and energy

5- Water

Dehydration is very common during fasting. Reason behind this is hot weather and a long time without water. It is very important to fulfill daily need of water after iftar. You can also add green tea or black coffee in routine. Green tea will not only fulfill water deficiency and will also decrease blood sugar level.

6- Fats

It is a misconception that fats should be eliminated from the diet during Ramadan. It is very necessary to add fats because we have already lost lots of energy. Red meat and fatty oils are the main sources of fats.

7- Vitamins

We barely have knowledge about proper intake of vitamins. Our body needs an equal amount of vitamins daily. In Ramadan taking vitamin pills with the consultation of doctor is a good idea. To get consultation book best doctors in Karachi from Marham.pk

Ramadan is not an easy month but simple habits can make it very easy. The last ashra of this is very important in the context of prayers and fasting. To fast in a good way everyone needs to eat healthily. 


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