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Benefits of yoga

5 Benefits Of Practice Yoga Every Morning


Every morning yoga practice appears to be discouraging at first, yet after some time, it can progress toward becoming a routine as brushing your teeth. Never missing a day on the mat gives you the adaptability and quality benefits you look for. You’ll additionally get much in...

loss weight this eid

5 Tips To Not Gain Weight This Eid


You have learned self-control from fasting for a month. This means you have potential to control your cravings as well. Let’s practice self-control on this Eid too. On the auspicious occasion of Eid where some people enjoy their best there are some people who complain about gaining...

protein and energy

7 ways to get more protein and energy in Ramadan


Ramadan is all about suffering from severe hunger, dehydration, and other problems.  But these hurdles do not lessen the spirit of Muslims. This is the actual beauty of this month. Similarly, it is important to take care of body so that every new fast better than before. There...

best food for cholesterol

5 Super Delicious Foods To Lower Cholesterol


The way to bringing down low-density lipoproteins (LDL), or bad Cholesterol, can be as simple as adjusting your eating routine. Every one of us wants to reduce weight, especially when it’s Ramadan and Eid is just 15 days away. Of course, everyone wants to look picture perfect...